Thursday, 22 October 2015


If you follow this silly blog of mine, you will know that my English is quite silly and terrible.

English is not my mother tongue. I live in Malaysia, my personal life revolves around Malays, my working life revolves mostly Chinese and other foreign races (Korean, Japanese, Europeans).

But I still persist in maintaining English as the medium of this blog, even though I'm not so good at it.

Why is that?

Long history of mine shaped this thinking.

I was offered twice, a place in Government boarding schools specially for Malays, first one in Kulim after Standard 6 and Sekolah Sains Muar after Form 3.

My father rejected it. He plainly told me to mix around with non-Malays and try your best to speak English with them even though it'll sounds like shit.

"One day, one word, one thousand day, one thousand word", he told me.

At first, none of the non-Malay guys liked it. In fact, they hated it...

But I continued, and in persistance (it's not really practice)..I realised their English is just as broken as mine :)

Then, the metal music influence comes into the picture.

I was one of the few in the class who listens to Metal...and the only one in my class who listens to grindcore, i.e. Napalm Death.

Your pride, why should your pride be so restricted?
Restricted to a mere fraction of this earth
This earth from which we have all evolved
This earth where all of it's people are downtrodden
Downtrodden by all those who stand to prosper from exploitation
Downtrodden by those whose slime infests your weak minds
- Evolved As One - Napalm Death from album From Enslavement to Obliteration

I remembered my English teacher always suspect that I used dictionaries in writing English essays.

Because I like to use fancy terms, instead of the word "curse", I used the word "diatribes" which I learn from Napalm Death.

I once wrote "the smell of the garbage wrestles their nostrils"...where the term "wrestles their nostrils" comes from the song Rust In Peace by Megadeth.

But, the grammar will be horrible and wrong all over the place, hence, the source of suspicion from the English Teacher. 

Other English media I had during my teen years are The Star newspapers and Galaxy magazine hehe.

It was cool for Malay kids back then to understand English when local scene Butterfingers and OAG released their English albums.

There was a segment on TV3 during the nineties called "Alternative" which shows vid-clips of latest alternative scene in US/UK...I remembered watching Radiohead's Karma Radio vid-clip of a car chasing a person and wondering what the hell is this shit.

It was cool back then.

And so I persisted hence why quit now?

I wrote this simply because I found many grammatical errors in the previous post hahaha. 
Oh well whatever nevermind.

Slayer - Epidemic

Breeding fast in poverty
Infectious driving dormant seed
Inside your carcass start to mate
Left in charge to dominate

Waiting to unfold
Raging uncontrolled
Adapt a potency
Death machine, infest my corpse to be

Unyielding kings of agony
Test your body chemistry
Pulmonary overthrow
Possession of your inner throne

Invasions quickly override
Malicious domineering strike
Floods your veins, commit slow death
Deteriorate your makers met

Perpetual demise
On a fast decline
Killing tendency
Epidemic, permanent disease

Incapacitate, fall into your fate
Pain results in screams
Bleed internally
Years will pass before it can be cured