Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Life today

Astaghfirulllah = seek forgiveness from God.

Even though my job scope is Project Manager, but my salary is still a meager 3k plus, which is the salary of most Project Engineers.

Anyhow, telling you this fact is for an introduction to a real life story of mine, which is I ride a Modenas Kriss 100 cc motorcycle to go to work daily.

My motorcycle looks like this.

And today, just as I started to ride few meters from the parking spot, the motorcycle tyre punctured, i.e. flat tyre.

I cursed like hell.

And so I had to drive a car today from Kajang (my hometown) to Damansara (site project area).

Thanks to Malaysia wonderful stupid government, on a single route I had to pay this much for Toll.
Silk Highway = RM 1.80
Plus Highway = RM 1.80
Kerinci Link = RM 2.50

RM6.10 x 2 = RM 12.20 for both go and back trip.

RM10 for a full day parking space fee.
A total RM22.20

If I used my low-cost Modenas Kriss, I can skip paying RM 22.20 daily for travelling to work.

And today I have to pay it. Just for a stupid punctured flat tyre.

And I was cursed heavily by the Korean bosses for getting in late due to a massive traffic jam I had to endure.

But on late evening, just as I had my dinner at a mamak stall, I read this.

There was oil and sand spillage at PLUS Highway Kajang exit this morning.
8 bikers went down to due the spillage.

I remembered that there was indeed a small traffic jam (amidst other traffic jam endured on today's hectic morning) at PLUS Highway Kajang Exit where there were ambulances and motorcyclist stopping around.

Then I uttered Astaghfirullah which means I seek forgiveness from Allah in Arabic.

I would have been with those injured bikers if the motorcycle tire had not flattened this morning.

And so the lesson is, if you believe in God and religion (if you don’t, then nevermind), then sometimes, some difficulties in life you endured might have some beautiful end to it, i.e. God works in mysterious ways.

That's all folks.