Sunday, 22 November 2015

Meat Hook Sodomy

 My bike, with my safety helmet and safety harness, ie accessories for work :3

Site progress

I had a lot of "facepalm" moments throughout this week.

Story 1 :
I received some materials from Man-Con for installation, so, I asked my junior engineer, local uni grad, a malay, to prepare "material received" form, so that the activity can be documented.
I waited half day for that, since I was busy with site walk.
Turns out he's incapable of producing such a simple form/document.
He plainly told me, since there's no document sample, he couldn't make it.

I just told him to copy our company transmittal, and rearrange the forms, change the title head a little bit.
I waited half an hour for the result.
Magically, he still couldn't produce it.

His dumbness got my attention, and few days after assigning him to documentation activity, I realised he couldn't write in English.

Malay guy, local grad, proud of being Project engineer, but couldn't function in English.

Story 2:
In Malaysia, there's an national examinations for 12 year olds called UPSR.
The results came out this week.
You know what the Malays are busy talking about?

There were debates in social media, that kids shouldn't be pressured to get A, the kids who got A are nothing since in life, being street smart is much better than being academically smart.

In the same time, in my Facebook circles, people are discussing about why Kelantanese girls dressed in Islamic but ain't good morally, small issues about people, artist, etc.

We talk cock about wanting to be a developed country , but we function with third world mentality.

Story 3:-
Since most Malay foodstalls are closed on Sundays, I had my breakfast today at a Mamak Shop, ie Food Shop operated by Indians, but they ain't local Indians.
These guys are the same with their Bangladesh counterparts, they migrated here to work in these stalls, and then there will be time when they will get back to their native land.

When I want to pay for the breakfast, I noticed the cashier read a book in Arabic/Urdu.
I read the Jawi, it was Hadith Shahih Muslim book.
People migrating to Malaysia, they came with the motivation to improve. 

Malaysians, especially native Malays, stop blaming your education system.
Blame your lazy ass.
Laziness is the source of this stupidity
World Globalisation and its competitveness will be a meat hook sodomy screwing our lazy ass.

Side notes:
I'm amazed by the effort of this Palestinian engineer.
Actually I made a blog with the same intention of this Palestinan engineer.
And so, today I bought myself a scanner. Hopefully I am able to scan my work notes or other relevant work documents.

Song is Meat Hook Sodomy by Cannibal Corpse from their 1991 Butchered At Birth.
The best part starts at 3:38, which I termed as machine chainsaw riff
Meat Hook Sodomy cover

Meat Hook Sodomy