Friday, 6 November 2015

Personal Opinion : One reason Why Malay people stinks in Corporate World


Malays, always say "unite" in their traditional Malay costume, but personally they want to bury their Keris to each other hearts. 

Once, a company I joined, promoted few Malay staff to become some sort of senior staff.

A lot of fresh grads joined, and so it makes sense that these staffs are promoted so that they can guide the newcomers.

I was in the Project team, hence, I wasn't in the office often.

One day, I realised some of the fresh grads had laptops in their workplace.

And so during lunch, I teased the guys on how lucky they are to get laptops, just being in the company for few weeks.

In my shock, I learnt that they brought along their own laptops.

I knew, they brought it along so they can make the job easier, but I kept my disagreement silent in my thoughts.

Then came along one of the senior staff, who happens to look after the young newcomers.

After 30 mins of conversation or so, I asked the senior guy about the juniors bringing in their laptops.

I asked, why didn't u advise them (in Malay we call it "tegur"), shouldn't the Company to provide this folks with computer..and why you just kept quiet about it?

He just smiled back at me.

I know office politics a lot, and so I dropped the subject as I don't want to drop his integrity (in Malay we call it "air muka" = water face).

The staffs are Malays working in a non-Malay construction company.

As in the video above, Malay people are usually those who will show their macho-ness when in numbers, but when shit happens, everybody just get the hell out and pretend it's none of their business.

I usually asked Malay friends who went into Government boarding school, about ragging.

They say ragging toughens people up. But I don't think so.

Malay people rag/tease/bully others because of the macho-ness, but when shit happens, I seen them not lifting a finger to help their own folks.

Malays who stay united in corporate world, are usually those are in minority, crowded by non-Malays, that they will cover up for each other.

I wrote this when I read this.

It's real life incidents in Malaysia when fresh grads are scammed, they thought they were offered jobs, but instead they were duped to become one of the Multi Level Marketing agents.

The problem is, those who become the discipline managers were usually Malays.

Malays in the 80s and 90s had better English and better skills than people nowadays, simply because they had to work harder as Malay professionals are few and far between.

In the presence of racial pressure they excelled. 

And they had better Emotional Resiliency and Mental Toughness than the newer generations.

Nowadays, Malays are many, but most are just Rempits qualities.

Honestly, the Chinese are more competitive in their dealings, but the brotherhood among each other are greater.  

Malays, always say "unite" in their traditional Malay costume, but personally they want to bury their Keris to each other hearts.

rempit = nonsense folks.

We should learn, that to be united in military order, will make us better and more resilient.

 I am in construction industry, and I think resilient people are those who are united.

Even though you hate each other personally, you just keep covering each others back so that your company and your team doesn't crumble in the shit of the pressure, politics and workload