Tuesday, 14 February 2017

14 Feb 2017 (updated with shin chan comics)

So today's Valentine Day.

For my 1-year old wedding.

And for people who ask us, of when will my wife and I going to have kids.

Nirvana - Breed

I don't care......Care if it's old
I don't mind .....Mind, don't have a mind
Get away .........Away, away from your home
I'm afraid .........Afraid, afraid of a ghost

Even if you have
Even if you need
I don't mean to stare
We don't have to breed
We could plant a house
We could build a tree
I don't even care
We could have all three
She said....

Music video Peforming Breed by Nirvana at MTV Live and Loud Seattle, WA - 1993

Nirvana - Negative Creep - Live (FANTASTIC)

Only after I got married that I realised what is the actual meaning Negative Creep, and why it have that chorus. Oh.
Oh no, it's not for kids to know.

Anyhow here's a more relax slow-moving tune for the romantic evening.

Skid Row - Into Another

Slowly I heal the love that's found its way
Onto another path in times of change
Crossing a bridge unknown
Hoping our strength will hold
Should they both let go then let me lay
.....Let me lay

Show me a sign
To a light that shines
One direction into another
Sheltered peace of mind

Somewhere I lost a piece of memory
Somehow I know my legs will carry me
Searching for circles end
Hoping the wounds will mend
Should this scar, then it was meant to be

And here's a funny comic which I used to read during my teenage years.

from http://mangafox.me/manga/crayon_shin_chan/v09/c044/17.html