Wednesday, 1 February 2017


First, the petrol price increase.

Then, Arsenal lost 1-2 to Watford.

Today, felt uneasy. Did check-up at Clinic and found my blood pressure reading is 160/90.

Now on Avevasc 10mg daily intake.
So now I'm trying to cool my mind by looking at Impressionism drawings by Paul Gauguin (1848-`1903).

This is a nice reading.

I truly believe in this.

I realised that why Trump wins and becomes President.

It is because of mental fatigue, the same fatigue Arsenal has.

People are harping on social media, debating here and there, fighting with words and so, that somehow by the end of the day, people got mentally tired.

It is because arguments and talks are numerous, yet their socio-economic rarely change, and they stumble on the same bullshit all over again. 

So when the election comes, despite of all the talk and debates, people are just tired that :-
1. they just wanted change.
2.,they just choose the most extreme
3. They just choose stability. In this case, Trump offers US people protection of their jobs and from outsiders.

And so, I think people would still vote the current Barisan Nasional in the next coming election even though they hated Prime Minister Najib. If Najib is clever, he will downplay himself and focus on the party image or the ruling BN coalition image.

The point starts at 8:15.

Yes, Bill Maher has a negative perception on Islam or Muslims, I do not agree with his opinion on that, but I do agree on this.

One thing I learn is that you might not agree with someone, but you can take what is good from them.

Even though that fella is Anti-Islam or whatever.

For me, I just believe in "buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih" when it comes to people. It translates to something that means filter out the negatives and take the good ones.

And I think Bill Maher is right about this. There's too much talk and debates that somehow diverts the people's attention towards making life better.

Below : a cool video about Russian Tank T-90

Anyhow, 31 January was the birthday of Jeff Hannemann of Slayer.

I kinda liked his personality. And he's cool.

Anyhow, in the end, I have this "don't give a damn, so what" attitude and just enjoy Slayer!