Wednesday, 22 February 2017

sense of identity, pride and purpose

I read Facebook like some sort of religion nowadays I guess. Any how, lots of people, lots of ideas, lots of pictures and graphics, etc., it's a network of people.

One of the thing I read was about adolescence and their coming of age.

Anyhow there were something that I not agree with what I read, but I don't want to go into detail or criticise it because it is un-necessary and quite a waste of time to describe the actual story behind this.


I'm married...and somehow along the line, I might have kids of my own.

When I saw my Facebook today, I have one question lingering in my head.

What sort of sense of identity or sense of pride will I teach to my children?

As a fake Malay, I think it's hard but it's essential, to let my kid know of his sense of identity, pride and purpose.

I don't want my kid to be like those lost kids who played bicycles at 3.30am just to prove his existence, or those mat rempit that only think of fun but no purpose.

Whether my kid will turn out male or female, I want my kid to somehow learn this.

傲氣傲笑萬重浪 /
ngou6 hei3 ngou6 siu3 maan6 cung5 long6
defiantly laughing at ten thousand waves (= trials and tribulations)

  jit6 hyut3 jit6 sing1 hung4 jat6 gwong1
with righteous ardour burning hotter than the sun

膽似鐵打 / 骨似精鋼
daam2 ci5 tit3 da1 / gwat1 ci5 zing1 gong1
gall (=courage) forged of iron / bones (=character) of steel

胸襟百千丈  眼光萬里長
hung1 kam1 baak3 cin1 zoeng6    ngaan5 gwong1 maan6 leoi5 coeng4
broad-minded and far-sighted

誓奮發自強 做好漢
sai6 fan5 faat3 zi6 koeng4 zou6 hou2 hon3
I vow to exert myself to strive to be a hero 

做個好漢子 每天要自強
zou6 go3 hou2 hon3 zi2 mui5 tin1 jiu1 zi6 koeng4
to be a great hero, one must exert oneself everyday

熱血男子 熱勝紅日光
jit6 hyut3 naam4 zi2 jit6 sing1 hung4 jat6 gwong1
the zeal of a man burns hotter than the sun

*讓海天為我聚能量 / 去開天闢地
     joeng6 hoi2 tin1 wai4 ngo5 zeoi6 nang4 loeng4 heoi3 hoi1 tin1 pik1 dei6
    I gather the power of the skies and the seas / to separate heaven and earth

wai4 ngo5 lei5 soeng2 heoi3 cong2
that I might charge towards my ideals

hon3 bik1 bo1 gou1 zong3
look at the blue waves high and mighty,

jau6 hon3 bik1 hung1 gwong2 fut3 hou6 hei3 joeng4
and also at the blue skies broad and wide raising my spirit

gei3 si6 naam4 ji4 dong1 zi6 koeng4
as a man of determination

昂步挺胸大家作棟樑 做好漢
ngong4 bou6 ting5 hung1 daai6 ga1 zok3 dung3 loeng4 zou6 hou2 hon3
striding boldly with one's chest out, everyone should be a great man
(like beams holding up the nation)

用我百點熱 耀出千分光
jung6 ngo5 baak3 dim2 jit6 jiu6 ceot1 cin1 fan1 gwong1
use me to ignite a hundred spirits, shining with a thousand rays

做個好漢子 / 熱血熱腸熱 / 熱勝紅日光
zou6 go3 hou2 hon3 zi2 jit6 hyut3 jit6 coeng4 jit6 jit6 sing1 hung4 jat6 gwong1
to be a great hero / one's zeal must burn with ardour / brighter than the red sun

In the same time, I knew this two people and somehow reading this, inspires me.

Somehow at some point of my life, I knew them and they knew me. 

And today I found out that they got their PHD Doctorates and become lecturers (senior lecturers some-more) at UM Mechanical Dept which I was a student quite some time ago.

But then I knew I would just stay quiet and make myself better.