Monday, 20 February 2017


κίνησις  is pronounced as kinesis, which means movement.

Some things I've learnt.

1. Before making statement, no matter how good your point is, learn the situations, intentions and conditions behind it.

I learnt this lesson yesterday.

Before I explain the story behind it, I would like to include something I learnt quite sometime ago and were useful when I worked in the construction line before, which is :-

"I solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

That covers three types of lies which is:-
1. the outward lie (telling the truth)
2. Omission of facts. (overall truth without omission)
3. Deviation from facts. (sometimes people twist story away, the "twist" itself might be true, but it is told to deviate from the truth)

And so as the story goes, I've chatted with some people online yesterday night.

There were numerous discussion online, one of it was the discussion about the recent RUU355, or so called the Islamic Hudud Law Proposal by the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), and their recent gathering at KL last Saturday.

And so a guy, went and share his points. Somehow further along the discussion, I saw some sort of "deviation" at his argument.

The more the discussion goes, the more heated the argument became, that somehow made me suspect something.

As usual, I made my "chill bro, this is not Asian parlimentary debate show" and just chit chat with this guy.

Turns out, he was retrenched from his company few weeks ago, and he's now feeling the pinch of the dire financial straits.

He was not really angry about the Islamic law, he was pissed off with what he saw as social in-justice, and he thought that upholding Moral Law is just shit if the poor still being poor, the rich becoming more richer. Anyhow this pissed off-ness is heightened by his emotion of being retrenched.

Now, since I know this, I didn't try to be smart-ass I was, before I knew his condition/intention. Other people were just putting forth their arguments, some were labelling, some put forth their this and thats.

I knew he was just grieving, and he's actually letting off his frustration by making a point in the Facebook of this and that, when in actual, he was just grieving.

I felt stupid, with my clever comments, and I didn't offer anything to soothe his mind, as I think, silence is better sometimes.

Sometimes I wonder why people say some things in the Net.

For me, Facebook is for people I felt dear with. And so FB is just for me to make jokes, feel happy, sometimes share photos or songs. Sometimes I made opinion-statements but usually I deleted them, with the thought that I don't want those dear people to have heavy thoughts, it's just moments to enjoy with each other.

Then there are people who made page for "likes". There are also people who want to share information, their clever-ness, ideas, photos, military stuff (yeah I like this), Lego photos and videos (I liked this too) and numerous reasons.

And there are million pages and billions of people who had ideas and critics about things that they wrote an essay on their Pagebook page.

My idea is, sometimes, before you start throwing your comments, it's good for you to learn the conditions or the intentions behind it.

Most of the time, your comments are not needed. You either re-inforce other people's or it will just end up in an endless tiring debate.

2. Happiness is an active choice Part 1.

I have a female friend in Facebook that felt offended by a certain statement, which is originated from Amran Fans troll page, about single woman availability is seen being more available if their other female friends got married earlier in great numbers.

And she wrote angrily about it. She wrote that those statement as being offensive.

But as I read her post, I felt what she wrote as "funny" because that statement came from a Joke Troll FB page, and it is written in general.

If something is written in general, and you reacted about it, didn't you realised that you somehow made that statement to affect your life?  And these young generation full of shit-trolls would somehow bully you more.

I think what most elegant women would do is not only ignore it, but try to be miles apart from that statement.

I remembered of my school days when I got bullied.
There was one asshole who likes to take advantage of me, that one day I punched that fella's face, his nose bleeds, my mom had to pay to his mom a new spectacles.

Then somehow after that, I'm struggling with my study, then when when we saw each other, I was too tired and showed my stupid face.

A stupid face is something interesting to bullies. But as he joked and trolled, I was just too tired to react.

Then somehow the bullying from that fella stops.

Because he lost interest as I showed no interest.

Back to my friend there, eventually I never told her what I thought. If she can be offended from someone that doesn't knew her, what more if words from her known friends.

I'm married, and married guys (should) knew how to stay quiet.

Furthermore, I don't preach nowadays, I felt it is effort-consuming.

Anyhow, the short story of this is, actually rather than being pissed off and grumbling like kids being bullied, you can actually choose :- who your friends and acquaintance and what you read.

Be happy guys. Don't mess your happiness by those stupid shit you found in the Net.

For example, you might notice the blog Malaysia Today is no longer in the list "Websites & Blogs I Follow".

Even though I find RPK writings interesting, my reading frequency of that blog decrease nowadays because I knew, and he himself admitted that he is a paid writer.

No matter how interesting his writing is, it is biased. It is written to create certain perception for the political purpose.

Some of my friends were Facebook friends with Sara, RPK's daughters, but I knew some of my friends no longer "friends" with her.

First, they are Malays, so there's no question about Chinese DAP or those perception shit he's trying to create.

It just that, we are just too tired of the politic news and discussions, when in reality, those words discussed rarely improves our life, and we nowadays find that living in KL is a struggle.

We are tired.

And from my tired-ness, I just made an active choice, to rather read something else in the Net.

3.Happiness is an active choice Part 2.

And another way to be happy is to be careful with what you say.

This video is truly heart-breaking to me.

One of the reason I close down the comment section at this blog years ago.

No one might ever know that one's words, debates, is hurtful.

People have minds of their own, whether about RUU355 or Islam or this or that or whatever. Be cool to disagree.

What I can see in the social media is the same heart-break I saw at the video above. People saying darndest things just to make the best winnable statement with a bus load of Likes.

Does it feel happy and peaceful?

 "Stop being such a small minded idiot and think about the words that coming out from your mouth. Because the world's not like what you think it is".

4. A Walk in the Forest

This idea is like that of Islamic sufism or tasawuf or whatever.

Did you ever go to the rural areas? Either in Malaysia or US or wherever.
Especially areas near the forest.

I thought of something, that those folks who lives in the rural, the desolate ones, most of the time those folks seems to be the quiet type.

Like those natives living in the forest.

If you walked in the forest, you try to be as quiet as possible.

You walked and observe. You want to enjoy the scenery, feel the atmosphere, the eerie-ness, the soothe-ness. etc.

And you try to live your trace as little as possible.

What if we treat our life, as if we are walking into a forest?

What if, this live is just an adventure trolling in the forest?

We wouldn't be noisy much. We might be calmer, just enjoying the the moments, the refraction and reflection of a water pool, the wet rainy smell of grass.

When danger creeps in, as we are afraid of the animals that might endangered us as they themselves feel endangered with our presence, we will be more quite especially if we knew we are there alone.

We scream usually for gettting help, especially if there are people presence. And when in bloody pain that we psychologically scream to "let all the pain out".

We are usually noisy due to the knowledge that people might listen to us.
There'll be people listening.

Some days ago , I read Ihya Ulumiddin that I posted this.

The idea is if you put efforts to win people's heart, it will be an endless journey, because there will always be someone who dislikes you.

Hence, it is best just to treat this life just as a walk in the forest.

You just observe, and enjoy mother-nature as it is. No need to go noisy. No need to preach whatever. No drama queens or drama kings.

In city life, social media, there is this need wanting to be known. The need for your existence to be approved by others.

But if you are alone in the forest, you are just glad to be alive. That breath of yours is sufficient proof that you exist.

I think what I write above is,. No. 1 easier said than done, and No. 2 the writing above doesn't clearly describe what I think, ie. incomplete. Oh well, whatever, nevermind.


 I would like to advertise this as well.

This is taken from

Dana bakti Van Dapur Jalanan KL 2017
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2. Banyak program-program lain yang sedang berjalan dan sedang dirancang. Antaranya seperti projek kelas tuisyen bersama anak masyarakat temuan di SK Bukit Lanjan iaitu kelas Jati, yang turut memerlukan bantuan pengangkutan untuk menggerakkan sukarelawan & melincinkan operasi kelas Tuisyen.

3. Dari 11 februari hingga 30 April 2017. Durasi 79 hari kempen. Kami mensasarkan Van second hand (Jenama Hiace) dengan anggaran jumlah RM 50k untuk dikumpul.

4. Setiap sumbangan untuk setiap pakej akan disertakan cenderamata seperti yang tertera dalam poster.

5. Transaksi hendaklah dilakukan melalui akaun bank rasmi DJKL –
CIMB: SPKL collective
Akaun: 800 172 7849

6. Emailkan bukti transaksi (resit) ke berserta details NAMA PENUH, NO TELEFON, ALAMAT SURAT MENYURAT atau details ini boleh diisi di Google Forms #danaBakti

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9. Banyak yang sedang dirancang, banyak yang sedang diatur. Van ini akan menjadi sebahagian dari gerak kerja utama kami nanti. Sokongan dari anak semua bangsa amat kami harapkan!


15 FEBRUARI 2017

There are some of my friends who questioned me whether I still read Tukartiub.
I told them yes I do, albeit with less frequency.

I think even though I felt that Tukartiub a.k.a Hishamuddin Rais is someone that I mostly disagree, since he seems to look down on Islam, and I really felt he is shit about his opinion of Kajang Move years ago, 
this DJKL thing is a good thing to support so here it is.

I am that sort of person, whom, even though I don't like you, but if there's something good about it, then I will spread the words on that goodness.

I learn lots of mathematics stuff from NJ Wildberger from University of South Wales
because it is good.
Since I can learn from a non-Muslim, I can also learn from other people as well regardless of their religion or morale value or what-so-ever.

The same thing about Malaysia Today too.

Foo Fighters - Friend of a Friend

Dave Grohl Pocketwatch Demo - Friend of a Friend

He needs a quiet room
With a lock to keep him in
Its just a quiet room
And he's there

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was his friends guitar
That he played
Hmm mmm mmm

He's never been in love
But he knows just what love is
He says never mind
And no one speaks
He thinks he drinks too much
Cause when he tells his two best friends
I think I drink too much

No one speaks
No one speaks
No one speaks
Hmm hmm mmm mmm mmm hmm hmm mmm

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was his friends guitar
That he played
When he plays
No one speaks
No one speaks
And he plays
No one speaks

Source : Google Image search of the movie Charade (1963)