Wednesday, 5 April 2017

fake counterfeit notes

Street punk (alternatively spelled streetpunk) is a working class[1]-based genre of punk rock which took shape in the early 1980s, partly as a rebellion against the perceived artistic pretensions of the first wave of British punk.

I just sent my wife to her working place, and are listening to punk band GBH while writing this entry.
So forgive me for a lot of "fills" in this entry is of the "punk" nature.

Punk veteran Felix Havoc said:

It was aggressive, yet had melody. As opposed to today's "melodic" punk it still had a lot of energy. It was honest. Hence the term "street punk." There is and was a feel that this was the kids music, from the streets, and was uncorrupted by "professionalism" or "musicianship." As opposed to the anarcho bands its message was more bleak and irreverent. The music was not a-political, just a less intellectual expression of political views of working class youth. The music was marketed as being of and by the working class. I suspect this was not universally the case. Still most middle and upper class kids cringe at frank discussions of violence as evidenced in a typical Blitz song. Early 80's UK punk was catchy as hell; it has sing-a-long choruses and hooky riffs.[4]

A. Wife, the crazy others, siege mentality.

My wife have a unique way of identifying screw-ups and "shit-happen" moments in life.

For example, nowadays she likes to play Fun Hospital instead of Hayday at her smartphone.
When asked why, her reply is :-

"Dah tak suka main Hayday sebab line dia selalu gila"
(Don't like to play Hayday nowadays because the connection line to the server is crazy)

When driving, she always asked me to be cautious because of the other crazy drivers.

"Sabar bang, kat Subang ni memang banyak orang gila"
(Be patient, dear, at Subang here there's a lot of insane crazy driver).

My first year of marriage is about enjoying her remarks of the craziness of others.
The second year of marriage (present time of writing) is about appreciating the idea behind her remarks.

I realised there's some genius intuition behind it. You might call it siege mentality, or "we vs the world", but to me there's more.

It's about realising that, in life, there are and always be screw-ups and "shit happens" moments.

And when you are about to be depressed and asking God "why?", u just save time by blaming it because of the "crazy" others.

"Nak buat macam mana, dah line gila." (Well what to do, the internet/phone line is crazy)

"Abang tunggu kat luar sekejap, sayang tak dapat nak keluar sekarang, ada staff gila tengah buat gila dengan bos" (My dear husband, please wait for me a while, I can't get out from the work place because some crazy staff made insane stuff at the boss).

When the reason is about the crazy-ness, you just know it can't be helped and it's better to ignore or to find alternative or to bypass that crazy problem.

The crazy problem ain't worth a shit to solve because, well, because it is crazy, you see.

The genius behind it, is that you are sub-consciously telling your mind to ignore the crazy thing and move forward.

(filler stuff)
UK 82 (also known as UK hardcore, second wave punk,[7] real punk,[8] or No Future punk[9]) took the existing punk sound and added the incessant, heavy drumbeats and distorted guitar sound of Motörhead.[10] The term UK 82 is taken from the title of a song by The Exploited.[11] Cross-pollination existed between this era of British street punk and American hardcore punk.[12]

The three most prominent UK82 bands, according to Ian Glasper, are The Exploited, Discharge,[14] and Charged GBH............ Discharge's early work proved to be enormously influential, providing the blueprint for an entire subgenre. Their later work, however, was decried as trite heavy metal.[17]

B. Fake counterfeit notes

"Absence makes the heart grows fonder".

There was someone I respected so much for his views on things. I followed his blog and Tumblr passionately before. Fortunately he's just an "online" person.

When I got to know this person for personal, I kinda feel dis-spirited.

This fella once wrote about having separate personality, the one you understand if you watch "Fight Club". If I vaguely remembered, her present girlfriend back then wrote a blog describing her life with the other 7 or 8 or whatever numbers of split personality this fella has.

One day quite long time ago, I asked help from that girl-friend of his, on where to take professional help on a mental case for a relative of mine.

During our chat, I disclosed to the girl, a fact that the condition of that relative of mine, might be due to substance abuse.

That was it.

Then few years later, I happen to befriend the fella on social media.

What I realised that, this fella is doing substance abuse (or specifically smoking weed) but nowadays he doesn't have the split personality condition.

Substance abuse will usually made the DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder) more worse.

That was when I realised.

He was bullshitting about the DID condition before:-

1.To the readers, possibly for likes and reader viewings on his blog, her present girlfriend back then and

3. to her deceased ex.

He was as fake as counterfeit notes.

Someday ago, he posted about being depressed and thoughts of suicide.

I deleted my comments because "Advice most needed is least heeded".

And I remembered my wife's unique way of identifying screw-ups and "shit-happen" moments in life.

It is just crazy.

"How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live." - Henry David Thoreau Journals (1838-1859)

(filler stuff)


C. Active Choice

Punk ain't no religious cult
Punk means thinking for yourself
You ain't hardcore 'cause you spike your hair
When a jock still lives inside your head
- Dead Kennedys

My overall theme of this entry is, to realise that to empower your life, you gotta realise you have active choices in your life.
You can choose. To do that, you have to realise what the choices are. 
And to ignore, is itself a choice.

For example,
nowadays people are complaining about the quality of Malaysian TV series that's aired at 7pm.

People say it's annoying, shitty, etc.

Since my wife now works most of the time until 10pm, we didn't watch TV. I myself, with my free time around, didn't watch TV.

And to realise that, you have the active choice of not watching those shitty TV series that you complained.

Furthermore, 7pm is usually for Muslims to get ready to go to mosque or surau and stayed there until 9pm (Isya'). 
Not doing anything is itself a choice.

 Knowing that you have choices, you will understand the responsibility of your choices.

Suddenly I felt being preachy. And you guys know I don't like being preachy because I think everybody is smart enough than to be told things.

But I think I do need to be reminded sometimes.

And so this ends.

Race Against Time 

Put us on a life support machine from the day we're born,
didn't realise it was just our dawn.
By the media we've been accepted, but in reality still rejected.

From the start it won't last,
but now that's all in the past.
Never admit to being wrong,
five years on and we're still going strong.

Given a year to pack up and die,
take the taking, run and hide.
Said 'race against time', thought it was clever,
time is immortal and we're forever.

So five years on and we should be dead,
new ideas in the same old head.
Don't need help, don't need a tutor,
you're our past and we're your future.
It's a race against time, but whose racing ?
'Cus we've already won.