Thursday, 13 April 2017


I'm in horrible shape. There's nothing much to say but to hope for the better.
It will. In God's way, it will.

Yesterday evening at the nearby surau, the religious teacher give lecture on the issue of sincerity.

Retrospectively, we come here alone, and we will one day die alone.

When you think about being one, by yourself, then you might think about God, and realise your only connection worthwhile is with God.

Well, even if you're Atheist, you will probably realise that your connection with others and worldly things are just ephemeral....that in the end, you are one alone here.

Went to hospital few times this week with wife.

There is that moment when I hold my dear wife's hand dearly, as weak but as hopeful as I want to grip her hand, only to lose it out in drowsiness of the medicines.

When I almost black out, that was when I realise, what that religious teacher meant, what is the real hope and fear, and its sincerity.