Sunday, 27 October 2013

buat universiti banyak2 kt malaysia utk apa?

gaji supervisor bangladesh aku rm4k.

gaji worker piping bangla aku (general worker, x reti welding, buat GI threading dan potong2 pipe) = RM1.8k to RM2k.

gaji india/bangla kt kedai2 makan = RM1.2k, tapi makan, minum, rumah ,air free.
gaji fresh engineer melayu = rm1.8 k to 2k, makan minum umah air sendiri tanggung. sabtu ahad pun kena dtg keje site.

gaji akauntan melayu di company lama = rm1.2k, makan minum umah air sendiri tanggung

rakyat local sendiri kena tembak dgn pengawal keselamatan.

klu nak tau, kat bangla, ada VAT (Value added tax), sama la mcm Malaysia buat GST.

pergi tengok bangunan2 tinggi kt KL, milik siapa? org local ke foreigner?

lu org pikir sendiri la.

Mankind in his insatiable search for divine knowledge,

has discarded all biblical teachings.

Realizing that the strength of religion is the repression of knowlegde. 

All structures of religion have collapsed.

Life prays for death, in wake of the horror of these revelations.

It was never imagined how graphic the reality of what would be known has the end of creation would manifest itself. 

We believe all this chaos and atrocity, can all be traced back to one, single, event. 

We hold these truths to be painfully self-evident.

All men are not created equal. 

Only the strong will prosper. 

Only the strong will conquer.