Wednesday, 9 October 2013

stupid and stupidity

(the photo above is an advert of a local uni programme doing an event of 36 hours non-stop exercise, joined together with our nation-leaders)

I’m a project engineer in Malaysia, just the small “ordinary” type who had to make a living by working hard, often had to handle few projects by your own self.

I traveled daily from Kajang - KL  - some place in KL - Klang - back to Kajang, almost 50 kilometers (32 miles), and to save money, I traveled with a 80-cc small local-made motorcycle Kriss.

I couldn’t really make it with my small Kancil car (a local-made car), because of traffic jam and increasing petrol price. Not to mention most roads in Malaysia have toll-gates, every entry costs more than RM 1, and you might find few tolls in the same route.

On site, I had to check by walking on each area with the heavy safety boots.

Walking itself is tiring,  because in this business, the more sq. ft per area built brings more money to the client.

Mentally, I would be pressured by my boss, project managers, other engineers, main cons, consultants, etc.

Nevertheless, on site, I see most workers are the foreign Indonesian and Bangladesh.

Nope, construction is not a Malay-oriented industry.

After 6 years of working, I’m still unable to get married or even buying a house.

It’s tough, but who says life’s a bed of roses?


Since that’s my life, I am astounded, no, I am really bloody astounded when one local university in Malaysia, did an event where they exercised non-stop for 36 hours.

In the same time, the Prime Minister of Malaysia and his fat wife, together with his fat deputy joined the event (the sole reason the event was made, I think).

When stupidity happens, two parties are involved, the one that was dumbed (diperbodoh) or the one who did the dumbing down.


If any local Malaysia university wanting to do any 36 hours exercise event for students and inviting nation leaders, I just say silently to myself :-

While those stupid Malay guys did shit programmes, did any of them realised that most of our proud tall buildings in Malaysia are being built by ‘others’?