Saturday, 19 October 2013

slave to the grind


I won´t be the one left behind
Can´t be king of the world
If you´re slave to the grind
Tear down the rat racial slime
Can´t be king of the world
If you´re slave to the grind 

If you noticed, I deleted my previous post about ranting/prayers to God about my life, and other Islamic stuff in my Tumblr, and my personal blog,

Earlier today, I had lunch with my piping team, e.g. the foreign Bangladeshi workers. You know what? Their salary exceeds RM 2k per month, which is far better than the average fresh graduate salary in their entrance to any industry in Malaysia.

The foreign workers, Bangladesh, Philipine, Vietnam, etc. chose to work at blue collar jobs with high skill, and also stress with no life. Welder, plumber, etc.

The local fresh graduates prefer to “jump” to a white collar jobs with their degrees, resulting in “low demand, too many supply”, henceforth, the new disturbing increasing unemployment among locals, especially Malays and Indians.

The Chinese were better off, because they put forth effort in building business. If they work, the business mindset is always there, and this ensures their job and salary secured. Like my subcontractor who drives a Hilux.

Lately, there was a local issue where the Malaysian Muslims were ‘emotional” when the Christians printed the word “Allah” in their Bible.

To me, the issue is sensitive and many people want to give their take.

My view, if you own a publishing shop, you can choose what to publish and what is not.

So rather than making noise about other people’s publication, acquire one and spread out your OWN message.

Discussion tends to turn to polemics, while action tends to turn to either results or mistakes.

Making something always felt better than talking about it.

As I got back from Klang to Kajang late around 8.00 pm, with my motorcycle, rain falls down heavily at the Federal Highway. So I had to stop my journey, took shelter at a Petronas petrol station, beside a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet.

There was a lovely beautiful couple, with a big car, came by. They look beautiful and happy. I prayed to God to feel like the couples, beautiful and happy then suddenly I realised something.

I’m the only person there at that Petronas station feeling pathetic about life, and then resorted to prayers or some sort, while the rest of the species were happily enjoying their life.

I then realised, shit, I had become a slave to the grind.

All this invocation, I now felt, isn’t it such a pretense? I invoke because I felt humbled of Him or because of others?

Nothing more, I’m just a slave to the grind.

Kick off this slave mentality. Now I don’t give a shit about my next-to-come retrenchment, I just need to go on and do my best.