Wednesday, 23 October 2013

live in pain and reign in blood

Dead Kennedys - Advice From Christmas Past
Why are such a stupid asshole?
Would you really like to know?
Well, pay your fee, remove your clothes, and Yvette will show you how.
You went to school where you were taught to fear and to obey, be cheerful, fit in, or someone might think you’re weird
Life can be perfect
People can be trusted
Someday, I wll fall in love; a nice quiet home of my very own
Free from all the pain
Happy and having fun all the time
It never happened, did it?

The photo above.

I just think and feel, actually everybody wanted to “put the glass down” but couldn’t.

But then, shit happens, No money, no jobs, noisy kids, politics shit, noisy traffic, marriage betrayals, problems, problems, etc, that you could only shut it off when you sleep.

If only you could sleep.

People have round shoulders to carry heavy loads.

Sometimes you are happy sometimes you are not.

Hell, maybe this life is made this way, so that we lived in pain and reign in blood.

Slayer - Reign In Blood

Angel Of Death - 0:00
Piece By Piece - 4:51
Necrophobic - 6:54
Altar Of Sacrifice - 8:34
Jesus Saves - 11:24
Criminally Insane - 14:19
Reborn - 16:41
Epidemic - 18:53
Postmortem - 21:16
Raining Blood - 24:44
Aggressive Perfector (Bonus Track)* - 29:00
Criminally Insane (Remix Bonus Track)* - 31:32