Sunday, 2 February 2014

Beware of Tools of The Trade and Slaves to the Grind

One of the way I learn English during my childhood days is by listening to metal.

For instance, I know the meaning of the term "Tools of the Trade" because it is a song from grindcore band, Carcass.

I know the meaning of the proverb "Slaves to the Grind" because it is a song from Skidrow.

Yesterday I wrote “Hanya Kanak2 Mengharap Superhero”, and basically it was about me condemning the Kajang by-election. I didn’t bother to write in English because the issue was “local”, happening at my Malaysian hometown.

Basically, what I wrote was, political people are replacable. During the 60’s, two most powerful man in the world was Kennedy and Kruschev, who hold the keys to nuclear missiles during the Cuban Missile Crisis, that almost bring the world to nuclear apocalypse.

After Kennedy was shot, in less than 24 hours, USA made Lyndon B Johnson,as President, as he was the Vice President to Kennedy.

After Kruschev bang his shoes at United Nations, he was replaced by Brezhnev on October 1964.
And so I argued, depending on Anwar Ibrahim to solve the BN onslaught is childish, and asking CC Lee to resign and causing a byelection at Kajang to enable Anwar becoming the Menteri Besar is annoying.

But those who criticise, are labelled “in alliance with towkay lendir” (towkay lendir is a derogatory term for Chinese businessman).

Anyway, I was labelled and criticised too, even though I am a mere engineer eating on my paychecks working on construction.

Nevermind, I am a nobody. And we Kajang people are nobodies too.

But we are always beware of tools of the trade and slaves to the grind.

Skidrow - Slaves to the Grind (1991)

Carcass - Tools of The Trade (1992)