Saturday, 30 May 2015


My country, Malaysia,and most of its people are now gossiping and whispering about recent loss of 42 Billion Malaysia Ringgit (11.48 Billion USD). This tune fits perfectly with this sentiment.

No. 2 :-

childhood reminiscence.

Contra Video Game 

Mario Bros Video Game

Battle City Video Game 

No. 3 :-
Films to finish this weekend.
Three Kingdoms 2010 Episode 51 [English Subs]

Personal opinion = I learn a lot about life from this Chinese story. Kinda good for reflection of own self.

No. 4 :-
Playlist this weekend

Napalm Death - Harmony Corruption

My first album of ND, bought it in 1997 together with Pantera's 101 and Faith No More's Album Of The Year.

And this too.
Death By Manipulation

Yes, the vocal is Cookie Monster undecipherable kind, but if you google the lyrics,
you will find
the lyrics is intelligent and insightful.

No. 5:-

Knowledge stuff.

That's all.

I'm bored this weekend with lots of workload to finish off.