Monday, 11 May 2015

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Some learning stuff in Internet I share to you guys in this blog.

Note :
the earlier writing of this entry had a lot of grammatical mistakes.

i felt like bird shit had been glued to my face.

the earlier writing was done in one shot.

oh hell whatever nevermind 

I took Internal Combustion Engine course in my Uni days

ICE course stuff
I = Internal
C = Combustion
E = Engine

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Types of Springs

Types of Fasteners

I learnt about screws and springs during Mech. Design course taken on 2nd year in UM.

Sometimes for certain installations, you need certain types of fasteners, and as Mech. Engineer, you should know what is there in the market.

I should have included Clamps in this entry as well.

Bernoulli Equation. 

I remembered this equation up to this day, useful for Pump Head / Friction Loss Calculation .

(the concept is the same even though you use Hazen-Williams equation, the concept is each term in the equation represents energy in meter head (m))

Internal Combustion Engine stuff.

Learned about electrical in 2nd year, where you had to make electrical load calculation table for above installation.

Ok This is something new. 

Inner workings of SIM card

Yes, we learn this in Electrical Technology course. 

The best part is one of the jobs I did, which is purely Electrical (Was Unemployed that time, hardships forced me to take up a job as Electrical QC, I'm a Mech-based), and I had to figure out whether the motor connection is Star or Delta just by looking at the wiring terminals at the motor.

Yup this is it. I had to determine it by looking at this.



And this is rabbit eating carrot

The Electrical job was good, and it was my first experience in oil n gas field. But I had to go, thinking that since my degree is in Mech, I better stick to Mech field for further work experience.

 It did helped me to further my understanding in Instrumentation field as well.
(words like field bus, modbus, etc started to appear like old childhood puppy love memories)
 Ok you try and see if this works

Inner workings of USB Drive


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Mechanical Engineers, after knowing what is a Packing Gland, then you should do a comparative study between Packing Gland and Mechanical Seal

Additional Update :
Solar Power Generation

Voltage Drop Formula

36kV Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker (MOCB)

 Electrical Tower Elements

Internal Wiring for Distribution Board

Solar Panel installation

Electrical Parallel/Series comparison

 Plug Types

Difference between CCFL and Flourescent Lamp
CCFL = cold cathode flourescent lamps

Rear Drum Brake Assembly


 Why do birds not electrocuted while standing on power lines

NE555 IC Chip

How to build phone charger