Monday, 5 June 2017

Assumptions and conjectures

The Effects of Good Government by Lorenzetti Ambrogio, year 1338
Source : Wikipedia

The Triumph of Death by Pieter Brueghel the Elder , year 1562
Source : Wikipedia

The idea behind this two drawings, is the first is considered from the period of "medieval art" while the latter is from a Renaissance period. One important quality in Renaissance period is about the idea of perspective in drawings.

One good lady in Internet once taught me a good lesson, never assume things, because ASSUME is making an ASS out of U and ME.

Back then, I guess I was quite an idiot before I got married. 

After I got married, I guess the illusion of becoming wiser comes from restraining your speech and ideas most of the time, the "enjoy your silence" theme,  You become wiser if you don't show much of your stupidity. As in the new urban Malays proverb, "Bodoh tu simpan sikit, esok hari nak pakai."  
(Don't spend/keep your stupidity to your self because you might need it in the future, yup it is sarcastic remark).

How to look clever and progressive : by showing how other people look stupid

Nowadays there's a lot of so called "liberal" Malays who like to shoot other Malays down. 

And their favourite topic?  Religion of course.

First of all, before this, I am guilty as hell as these people, only that nowadays I no longer shoot and criticise Malays because I realised, by the end of the day, it's all nothing but stereotypes.

Every race, every people, every village have their own comical idiots.

Malays were dupes of scams, well recently we found out Chinese were gullible too of JJPTR and other rich scams.

And these liberal Malays sometimes have itchy fingers on Islamic religion, saying that nowadays the Islamic implementation is too Arabic, let's go back to year 1950's and 1960's where the aunties didn't wear tudung/hijab, some drank alcohol, etc.

Then they say nowadays, most of those who seems to be pious in Islam are mostly idiots, as they did do lots of silly stuff.

For me, they always focus their eyesight towards the clowns, but then it is human nature to always look at the bad side of things. It is evolution wired in the mammalian brain.

One good thing for me, I always saw good professional Muslims in real life.

For example, the bilal in my surau is a lawyer. Some of the surau comittee members were practicing architects and accountants. Some of the surau-goers (those who frequently found praying in the surau) were construction contractors, and engineers.

One guy whom I shared room with when I was in Bintulu, always woke up at 4.30am without fail everyday for Tahajud prayer, that was the year 2010, today he's an O&G electrical engineer who worked at the oil rigs at South China Sea every two weeks per month.

Most of the time there will be lecturers in every tabligh group that I found at surau. They did this tabligh things as much as some of you with your hobbies, ie they did it at their free leisure time and their own money.

And one thing about these so called social liberal commenters?

What did you do to improve on those Malays that you inclined to criticise upon?
Most of them did nothing.

 At least, if you want to be critical about Malays, please donate at the least RM10.00 to Dapur Jalanan. Do something good after you talk.

Kepada sesiapa yang mampu and ingin menderma, kami sesungguhnya amat-amat memerlukan. No akaun bank kami ialah 1479-0000917-05-1 CIMB. Di bawah nama SPKL Collective.

Suspicions : acting on conjectures

The video above is about this :-

I remembered stupid things that happened to myself when I was in UM.

I was one hell of a silly forgetful fella who always forget to lock my room when I went out.

The result, things got stolen often in my room, and shit is, my room is  at the ground floor, at the end corner of the building, easy getaway route for people to do quick grab on things and run.

Things happen quite sometime, that somehow people became suspicious of me.

And one time during holiday semester, I got into this college curriculum activity, that one guy who's in the same room with me, lost his handphone due to my silly forgetfulness. He got angry and asks me for money to replace his phone. 

Somehow, I paid him back, and my mother phoned him and say sorry, which somehow makes things look more shit and embarassing to me.

One day, I noticed one room wasn't locked and stupidly, I went inside the room to awake the people inside who were sleeping on 8-9am. It was stupid but I meant good. I really want to wake those people and hell I was stupidly naive.

Shit, they then thought I wanted to steal their shit. 

From then on, I kept a blind eye on unlocked doors because you cannot control people's assumptions, and it's not worth the shit at all.

One good thing about all these shit, is that, all these rejections made me feel uncomfortable with most people in the floor I lived with, and by 2nd semester, I hang around with different group of guys at the other college building that somehow became my friends up to this day.

On my 3rd year, I successfully entered the same residential college at UM, and somehow got the room at the ground floor, and at the end of the building, near the exit routeway out.

I lost my wallet this time, and somehow, the idiot that stole my purse, went to Pusat Asasi Sains UM and stick a photo of mine at one of the bulletin boards.

I didn't knew whether it was hate, or whatever motif why he did that shit.

The ending to these stealing is a stupid tragic story.

One day, I think my classmates and I had a very tough assignment, that somehow we spent nights and days completing the shit, and after submitting that assignment;

I went back to my room, took off my clothes, and wearing only towels with the intention of going to take a bath in the toilet, I relaxed first sitting at the floor of my room playing guitar. 

(It was said that taking a bath just after having heavy activity with those sweat is not good for skin, it's good to cool off first before taking a bath).

I woke up around 11-12 in the midnight that day, with blankets all over my body.

I was told I was found laying naked on the floor and I was too "problematic" to be brought to my bed.

There were no more cases of stolen stuff from our room ever since.

The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, year 1486