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hypernormalisation of islam in malaysia

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This is written after I read of Maryam Lee, Siti Kasim and Farouk A Peru.

First of all,  a dry joke.

You know Adam?" Teddy asked him.
"Do I know who?"
"Adam. In the Bible."
Nicholson smiled. "Not personally," he said dryly.

- Teddy by JD Salinger.

And so of the 3 person I mentioned above, I didn't knew them personally. Other than their views of Islam which I dislike, I think they might be the nicest person in real life. They showed in their social media that they have good intention for wanting good governance in Malaysia. It's only that on their views on Islam which I found extreme dislike. But then some people had extreme dislike to some things in life, for example, of certain music, and it's their taste and their democratic right.

Fruits of Tree planted years ago.

I think what happened is a result of a political fight between two dominant Malay parties back in the 90's. One is the head of the governing coalition, while the other is an Islamist party.

Extremism in the Islamist party, maybe is caused by the extreme oppression by the government back then, fear of Internal Security Act, their ulama's being banned from mosque even for religion talk, Memali incident that happened in the 80's, etc. However, only a few were extreme. Most of them actually became more resolute.

And so, in the 90's, there were a certain movement of Anti-Hadith, some names involved were Kassim Ahmad and Astora Jebat, the latter whom had his Sunday column whacking PAS on Utusan Malaysia newspaper. Astora Jebat then, countering the ulama's, presenting his views on hadith and his own interpretation of Islamic things, which is very misleading from the mainstream understanding of Islam.

And what happened in the name of Maryam Lee, Siti Kasim and Farouk A Peru, are just fruits of this tree.

Why Not?

It is because, one cannot intepret Al Quran alone without referring to Sunnah, or doings and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

If allowed then, I fear of the day.

The day when Muslims prayed on Mosques, like Christians prayed in Church.

They will simply sit and prayed. in the sense of the Malay word Doa.

It is because, in Quran, there is no ayat that describes actually how to perform the solat. and the Arabic word of Solat have the near-equivalence of the Malay word "Doa" in the sense.

Muslims perform Solat as they do now, because of the Sunnah, ie following what the Prophet did, 
The Sahaba saw how the Prophet prayed and they did the same, hence the traditions follows.

Then along the way, some Ulama's wrote based on Sunnah how they prayed. hence the books and kitab that followed.

The ayat in Quran is more of instructing to Solat. And the need to Solat with Sabar (patience) and so on.


The problem with Anti Hadith, for me, is indirectly they are causing hypernormalisation of Islam.

What I meant of hypernormalisation of Islam in Malaysia is, creating a pressure to re-interpret Islam as so to suit the Non-Muslims fear to Islam.

It is because of ISIS, and extremism of Islam found everywhere in the world, that strike fear to everyone, Muslims included.

Maryam Lee recently made a FB sharing of Samina Ali, that champions Quraish Shihab's view that there's no need for Muslim women to wear tudung or hijab. It is not aurat.

This view is actually due to not referring Hadith and only interpreting Quran using logic of Arabic words, and disregarding the context of the ayat with the surrounding and the people's background when the ayat was revealed. The study of Hadith is needed to correctly interpret as per the requirement intended by God/

If you check this people's comments, mostly they get a good and well response from Non-Muslims, more than Muslims.

And somehow it reinforces the prejudice that the current Islamic teachings is wrong and causes the extremity, which is seen in ISIS.

The most sorry thing about this is, it is championed by Muslims of the likes of Maryam Lee, Siti Kasim and Farouk A Peru. What a pity.

Most Hindu's in Malaysia got mad at Dr. Asri of his scathing attacks regarding Zakir Naik issue. And now, we Muslims had to keep quiet watching people looking down on things we believe, simply because it was Muslims who did that and the Non Muslims giving their thumb of approval in the means of "like" in FB and their scathing comments.

What should I feel then?

Tell me now, how should I feel?

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