Monday, 3 June 2013

A Day In Life - 2nd June 2013

I've resigned my job. Health failing.
Last fortnight, couldn't breathe. But getting better.
Last week, chest pain, but thankfully ECG Test is ok. Unfortunately got dumped by a snobbish girl. so heartbroken anyway.

Today started with a confidence in my stamina to try start cycling after days of rest.

But first, lunch at 3 pm.

Malaysian food made from banana


The  inner side of the banana food

After cycling for just 5 minutes, I saw a hawker-stall, which is still in the vicinity of my housing area.

Additional lunch.
Hawker stall

This is Cendol = crushed ice + coconut milk + brown sugar + red beans and other stuff

After cycling + walking for 30 minutes, I reached here.

Vicinity = A small park located behind Kajang Hospital and Yu Hua High School., in the town of Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

One unhappy scene I watched today (no photos), is of a Malay couple who sits on the park bench.

The girl was wearing headscarf, a symbol of Islam religion, so she must be a Muslim, and she speaks Malay
She came with her male partner, eating and drinking while relaxing on the park bench.

Unfortunately, she and her partner just left the bench, leaving the food rubbish, plastic bottle and the plastic bench just like that.

Selfish. Irresponsible. and yet she's showing the world she's a Muslim.
What a bloody shame!

After ensuring they had left, I got to the bench, and pick up the dirty rubbish and throw it to the nearest bin.
With my heart cursing of the lady.

 Then I cycled to Masjid Jamek mosque which is a 5 minute walk from the park.
I was wearing shorts, but I did brought a "kain pelikat" which sort of like the Irish skirt worn by the men.
After locking my bicycle and just about to sit there, I found this poor fella.

Poor fella
 Poor fella was such in a bad shape, that by looking at it, I couldn't resist giving the poor fella some drink.
I pour some water to the bottle top and feed it.
Poor fella drink and drink.
Poor fella must be dehydrated.
Poor fella dehydrated
 Now, while the sunlight is still there, I plan to bring back the poor fella home so that poor fella could get some food or whatever.

Bad strategy. I came here cycling.
I got to go back cycling and carrying this poor fella back.

Poor fella jumping from bicycle seat every 12 seconds.
 Poor fella hates riding on a bicycle. Keeps jumping off that I had to wait and pick him up.

Poor fella jumping here and there during the walk

 I had enough patience with this poor fella after 20 minutes of him jumping off from the bike. I tried to find a box but none are around.

In the end, I opened my bag and stuff the poor fella inside.

Stuffing Poor Fella

Then I wear on the bag and ride home as quickly as I could. I keep meowing and listening to Poor Fella reply to ensure the guy is still in the bag!

Checking every 10 minutes to ensure the cargo is safe

And by 7.30, I reached home, cargo safe!
Feed the Poor fella with water, and fried fish.

Drink drink you must be hot in the bag

Food, water, and the box for the Poor Fella to sleep

Poor Fella played around for a few minutes, then got tired and slept.
I placed Poor Fella, his water, food and sleeping box to a room and left it there.

Poor fella closeup

Poor Fella right eye bleeds and had pus. Cleaned it while he's sleeping

Poor fella's lower limb is full of fleece and red rash

Before he wakes up and want to play I better leave him sleepy

 While Poor Fella's sleeping, I closed the day by mp3-ing the CD's

Manowar "Louder Than Hell", Joe Satriani "Engines Of Creation", G3 Live, Tool "Opiate" and Oi! Punk Fest 2002

**UPDATE 3 JUNE 2012**
Poor Kitty went AWOL. Missing.

Put the fella outside with his sleeping box, food and water...
food = rice + chicken sausage + fried fish
After feeding and putting the poor fella outside the house, I went jogging.
It was the last time I seen him.

Take care Poor Fella.