Sunday, 30 June 2013

Ghost In The Machine


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Track - Synchronicity by The Police
Photo - posters from Ghost In The Shell Standalone Complex anime

Two weeks ago, I'm astounded when the blog was deleted by its owner.
I've never met the guy, we chatted once in g-talk, few ramblings by e-mail as I used to send him some writings for the blog under anonymity.

Actually, I did feel a "loss" to the extent I asked another lady blogger about his wellbeing.

We never met in person, me, the guy and the lady blogger, but I don't think we ever intended to meet in person anyway.

Once, there was a blog (deleted also) which I like to read.

When the writer/blogowner shared the news that his ex, passed away in 2012, every reader was shocked, including me.

She was younger than me, so that instant, I felt a "loss" that I listened repeatedly at that time to Terminal Spirit Disease by At The Gates. Here is a soul younger than me who is taken away by God from this world. That fact maybe made me melancholic about my own existence, maybe, I don't really know.

Those are people whom I never met.

Then, I realised, there are trillions of souls who had affected my life, whom I never met as well.
Politicians, prophets, heroes, philosophers, writers, engineers, etc.

Then, I realised, the idea behind Ghost In The shell anime by Masamune Shirow were right.

We are actually ghosts in this great machinery of network, information and life.

Frigyes Karinthy once raised the idea that at each second, each one of us are connected by 7 degrees of separation.

You might think that Internet or information network (media, books, schools) just made the connection between us even tighter, deleting the separation gap.

There's even more than that.

Arthur Koestler,in his book The Roots of Coincidence and Ghost Of the Machine, brought forth the concept synchronization, based on the works of Carl Jung's synchronicity and Gilbert Rye's "ghost in the machine" concept.

That is, our soul, being a "ghost in the machine" of our body, are able to affect other soul, not only by physical action or direct action, but by means of complex interaction.

You might post one thing in Tumblr, for example.
It'll be beautiful piece to some, and might be ignored by some.
No matter what, each reader who came to read that post will react to the post. Liking is a reaction, ignoring itself is an act of reaction.

Same thing with free market forces in economics. Every person reacted to everything, thus any action, any news, any speck of info will somehow affect the value of the commodity or share prices, whether directly or indirectly.

This action and reaction, carried out in infinite cycles, will somehow drive us towards synchronicity.

The music band, The Police have written this on 1983 in the song “Synchronicity 1".

It was around the same time, in 1982, when TCP-IP Internet protocol was standardized, and Internet was globally connected. (although it’s only later on 1995, that Internet was commercialised globally )

I'm not surprised about PRISM program by the USA. Empowerment will cause someone or some group to control this synchronicity, somehow indirectly developing a "police state" as once visuallised in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.

Maybe, there'll be day in the future, when ideologies and religions, which seems so divisive, no longer mattered to mankind.

Only those who can't afford to get connected will have a different values than ones who are connected to the synchronicity.

The day when the synchronicity of mankind network have achieved its own social intelligence.

Then mankind will truly be different than the animals, a total evolution never imagined by Darwin.
It's our spirits or souls, forever affecting and be affected without physical touch, like ghosts, by interaction in this web of information network machinery, synchronised by globalisation.

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