Thursday, 6 June 2013

Pork Farm

One day, two farmers walked along their farm, and found a dead horse.

The dark skinned complexion horse was found dead with strings on its neck. And they found a suicide note.

The note was written :

I was born in 1982 in this beautiful agricultural farm. My parents loved at watching the sky, so they named me Paradise, as in Chinese culture, tien or heaven which are associated with the one above.

My childhood was not a happy one. You see, both my parents have white fair skin, so the chickens and the white ducks used to laugh at me. However, my mother comforted me by saying that my grandfather is a black colored horse that used to race in racehorse competition.

Then as I grew up, I went to farm school with all the other animals.

The curriculum in the farm school is teaching us the way of Pig-me-ism, or in short, the way of the pigs.

The teacher told us that the Pigs are a very profitable commodity in agricultural. So all the animals in the farm should follow the way of the pigs.

At first, it is very hard for me to excel in the study of Pig-me-ism.

After a few years in the lower school, the teacher found my talent. My talent is walking with 4 feet, as the Pigs do.

I then proceeded my study to upper level, which I find with much ease, to the extent that I end up on a Walkin-neering Faculty, one of the best universities in the agricultural farm.

My father who used to be a clerical staff in the Walkin-neering Faculty, was very happy with my admission, although he did not live long enough to see me graduating.

At the Faculty of Walkin-neering, we focused on the study of walking with 4 feet, and we studied all the other animals in the world and their walk.

But everyone in the Walkin-neering Faculty told me, the Pigs way of walking are the best.

It was here that I had my doubt of Pig-me-ism.

One of my senior, a chicken who likes to makes noises in the morning, revolted and held student demonstration to protest Pig-me-ism. Then the authority farm dogs came after him. I heard he was held under the Upper Studies Act (USA), which he were held under house arrest.

The last time I seen him is when the dogs transferred him to Kajang Farm Clinic (KFC). I never seen him since.

My fear aggravated ever since.

There's a ceremony celebrating the Birthday of our Dear Farm Owner, with the tv station all praising him and saying "May God saved our Dear farm owner".

One of my friend,  a white duck of Asian descent wrote on her Fistbook, saying "May God saved our Dear Farm owner, and us from him!"

Then the other ducks joined together in the comment sections in the Fistbook, with their cynical remarks.

The next day, I read on the newspapers the authorities are now hunting for the 4 ducks.

I got paranoid.

Then I had my thesis study on the research of German horses and comparing it with the way of the pigs walking.

During my study of German horses, and German culture, i found the works of Karl Marx, the father of communism.

Communism, comes from the word commune, where you finally get the word community.

Karl Marx theorises that in the world of capitalism, there will be injustice in the distribution of wealth, thus causing great divide between the workers and the capitalist.

And so forth, this division expands to the point that the workers struggle intensify, causing anarchy and destruction to the capitalist system, then the economic system rebuilt itself under workers influence to a commune system, where all properties belong to the government.

I told a friend, which is a pure white horse of this Karl Marx thing.

He told me that what I'm saying is against the Pig-me-ism, and could get me killed.

Friend : Do you know that Karl Marx are a Jewish?

Me : So are Albert Einstein and Mark Zuckerberg!

Friend : You fool! Jewish seek to enslave all the animal kingdom by Illuminati propaganda!

Me : Illuminati means illumination what?

Friend : You fool! The point of Illuminati is they seek to enslave us, because we are non-Jewish!

Then it finally dawned upon me.
Illuminati, Pig-me-ism, education system, all seek to enslave me into the system.
From Enslavement to Obliteration.

No, I want to be free with the stars!
End of Story.

The story above are inspired by a question in the Facebook from a friend of mine. (Refer to photo)

He is asking me whether Karl Marx is part of a Illuminati gang or not.

I wanted to answer, but I felt so stupid to answer.


1. I was born in 1982, so I was not in German when Karl Marx existed, so I could never confirm whether he is registered officially or had any connection with the Illuminati.

2. There's only two answer, yes or no.

3. If Karl Marx is not Illuminati, isn't it a sin alleging someone, while he is not? And the guy is already dead, how are you going to ask forgiveness for your sin?

4. If Karl Marx is Illuminati, he is dead. And so he should not harm you, so why bother?

5. If you are worried about his thinking, then write an thesis/ideology/book better than him. History chooses the best.

Muslim like to talk of Illuminati in Facebook using their Samsung or Apple smartphones.

Something is wrong in the education system.