Friday, 28 June 2013

Tears In Heaven

Note : Article is Malaysian in nature. Video above is a comment by Dr. Asri regarding the abuse case of Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfide, who died on 2011 due to beatings from his teacher.

I’m sorry to other English-speaking viewers who don’t understand this video. So I will tell you briefly about this story.

The fella in the video above (a PHD doctorate named Dr. Asri popularly known as Dr. MAZA), commented on the death of an orphan boy, Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfide, who was 7 years old, happened around 2011.

The kid’s mother was nowhere to be found, he had a father who went to see him once, a year before his death on 2011.

So this kid, was adopted since he was 2 yrs old.

And he was sent to a boarding school when he was 7, the adopted family told the press that the kid was happy to go to this boarding school.

What happen then was very heart-wrenching.

The teacher accused this kid of stealing money, in value of RM 7.00 (around 2.3 US Dollar).

The kid denied the accusation, nevertheless, the teacher tied him and locked him in a room for 2 hours.

Imagine a 7 year old kid, a small nobody who had no father and mother, tied and locked in a room for being accused of stealing a couple of bucks. (2.3 USD to be exact)

Then somehow, the boy escaped, and was caught by the teacher.

Police found beating marks on his body, and also marks in his hand, suggesting that the boy was dragged and tied by the teacher when the teacher caught him.

Then the teacher beat the kid, and eventually slammed the kid against a wall, causing internal injury to the kid and the kid died days later.

What was sickening, is that the teacher and the school, phoned the adopted parent, and told them that the kid suffered seizure and had to be sent to Hospital.

It was only in Hospital, where the Doctor got suspicious of the injury and phoned the police.

The teacher was eventually sentenced to 18 years imprisonment a year later.

What was more sickening, is that the school and the other teachers went to defend the teacher, telling the public the teacher was a good guy, the death was accidental, due to seizure which cuts off the oxygen supply.

This was what was told by the school to the public by bloggers:-
(sorry article in Malaysian language)

It was then, the fact went out that the school was supported by funds from the pro-opposition Islamic party in Malaysia.

The issue got more complicated, when the Islamic party defended that the case is simply highlighted by the government to weakened the public impression of the Islamic party.

That is why, even though most youths in Malaysia voted against the government in the previous General Election, they do not delve much into the party-ism of the opposition because the politics in Malaysia is too sectarian and divisional, that even a killing of 7 year old is defended in the name of politics.

The Islamic party apologised for the issue, but their blogs never deleted the story.

This is the ugly story of Malaysia, folks.