Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weisses Fliesch

In Malaysia, the pro-government party coalition BN loses much of their Parliament seats in recent General Election-13, and the Prime Minister, blamed the loss on "Chinese Tsunami", a.k.a Chinese voters voting the opposition, and not the Malay-lead coalition.

Then, there was a campaign by the Malays,  boycotting Chinese products.

I don't buy this crap. Why?

It is because most Malays I knew, perversely harbours secret desire of wanting weisses fliesch.


One trick I learn in this construction line , is usually applicable during the tendering stage, when companies compete to get the contracts/tender.

Most engineering sales department I knew and dealt with, usually will have attractive female "prominent" sales-persons.

This is sexist, but it is a fact that I saw in the construction industries, whether in Malaysia, Vietnam, Dubai or worldwide.

One time, I work with a group of Chinese females from mainland China, which were at that time, trying to win a contract in a Muslim Arab country.

I was the only engineer at that time, although more engineers joined the team later on. But, I had a tough time explaining things to them, since the girls do not have engineering background. They had their degree in English studies.

This was tough, plus that the technology we specialised on for the project, came from China.

The Chinese even have a Chinese character for the term "Poisson ratio", which is useful in understanding material strength, and I had to translate the Chinese Standard to English understand this.

Yes, Chinese are making their own standard, like in British Standard (BS) and Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS).

But during tender presentation, I kept my mouth shut as the ladies and the bosses presented our cases to the Client.

I never did a single presentation.Whenever I came to the meetings, I was the helper boy, the ladies were the "super-stars".

I also handle the paperwork and delivering the documents to the Client office, to the extent, one of the Filipine lady in the Office thought I was the clerical officeboy.

Image that are eye-pleasing, sells. No matter how clever you are, it is the image that sells.
And weisses fliesch sells.

Eventually I left the team because I want to focus on mechanical engineering works, because I may one day worked my way for IR, not worth for me to focus on civil engineering stuff.


The two countries that is leading the pornography industry in the world are USA and Japan.


Weisses fliesch sells.


During my teen years,  the UMNO-owned publishing company called Utusan sells two of the "hot-cake" sold-out magazine.

The two magazine are URTV and Mangga.

When the UMNO people tells people to upright the use of proper Bahasa Melayu, I didn't buy the crap, because URTV and Mangga is the one popularising the teens version of Bahasa Melayu.

My mother used to purchase the magazine, for entertainment purposes.

The two magazine sells weisses fliesch like mad.  The magazine will have photos of popular actresses in their swimsuit posing in swimming pool.

The funniest part is that although the magazine is full of Normala Samsuddin's (Malaysia newscaster in the 90s) bikini pictures, there will be short clippings of Quran verses  printed somewhere in the articles.

And lots of it.

The magazines sold like hot cakes as it has weisses fliesch and Quran verses in it. The Malays like it so much unwaveringly and unquestioningly.

Malays are so crazy about weisses fliesch that they can watch weisses fliesch and in the same time read Quran/Hadith verses. (That's what actually happens if you read Mangga and URTV)

 I remembered one of the "hot" news that came out in the magazine are of a Chinese actress, Janet Khoo converting to Islam.

Daphne Iking, a Chinese Sarawak lady also had the same problem. There's a lot of gossips saying she's converted to Islam.

Actually they never convert to Islam. But from the articles I read, the Malays are damned happy and secretly wanting them to convert. You know why?

It is because most Malays I knew, perversely harbours desire of weisses fliesch.

During the 80's, the hot actress back then were Deanna Yusoff and Sofea Jane,and nowadays it's the looks of Sharifah Sofea and Nora Danish.

The names I mentioned are Malaysian actress who have Western bloodline, somewhere along their bloodline, a Westerner married a Malaysian.

And in the same time, the Utusan newspapers keeps harping on Malays wanting special privilege in the economy and education.

All this happening while they secretly dream of weisses fliesch.


Buletin Utama TV3 is the most watched news bulletin in Malaysia. But if you ask the people on the streets, what is the name of the newscasters, most of they could not name the newscasters, except of this two Chinese presenter.

Pang chinn fei and Gina Voon.

All this happened, while the Buletin Utama TV3 usually tells news of Malay supremacy.


One of my best buddies in UM, was a guy studying Electrical Engineering. Hell, I had more friends in the Electrical Department than with my Mechanical Department colleague.

His mother is a Chinese, his father is a pure Malay.

We became best buddies, ironically, when both of us (and most of my closed friends) failed in our 2nd year semesters.

Anyway, this friend of mine, had a lots of "secret admirers".  By then, he was over with his first girlfriend and was in a "courting" session with a girl (who eventually became his wife and bears two daughters with him).

What the girls told me is that my friend of mine had this Chinese look.

By then I knew most Malay girls harbours secret liking towards Chinese look / Pan-Asian look.

By then, I knew that my chances of getting a Malay girlfriend are 0.001%.

Now, by this age of 31 being not married, I made peace with my self by telling myself that my failure is due to not having Chinese look.

My theory proved correct and could not be disputed since.

In 2000, it was the Japanese idol heart-throb Takuya Kimura of the drama Beautiful Life.

In the 2010 onwards, the K-Pop (Korean pop) fever and plague haunts the Malay girls in Malaysia. 

Not only the hot-blooded Malay males, even the Malay girls secretly harbours weisses fliesch.


When I was in UM, during my 2nd year, my Mechanical class had to attend courses together with those of Material Engineering class.

There were a group of girls in the Material Engineering classes who happens to catch everyone eyes in the class. They wore attractive clothing, and they themselves look attractive.

If I'm not mistaken, the girls were from Sabah or Sarawak.

I was the class-rep,  so I had the bloody duties to distribute the notes, which I then turn to a photocopy business of small profit, so I can buy cigarrettes. (I'm a Mamak, cannot help it).

One day when I was selling the notes at highjacked prices, one of the attractive girl came to me asking for the notes.

I was dumbfounded in front of her, shy and all sorts of things that happens to a boy when he met a beautiful girl.

I end up selling her the notes at half price.

I ended up asking myself why the hell I sold her the notes too cheap.

I realised then , "Oh shit, I myself, secretly harbours weisses fliesch."

I then found out she was one of the smartest fella in the faculty with great CGPA or something.

By then also Slayer releases the album "God Hates Us All". and the opening track Darkness Of Christ made me thinking of this girl, and myself who were failing in my study back then.

"We hold these truths to be painfully self-evident

All men are not created equal

Only the strong will prosper

Only the strong will conquer

Only in the darkness of Christ have I realized"

Then I realised, I liked her, but I hate the fact of liking her.

She is beautiful, smart whereas I am one of the failures in the Mechanical Department. I was just lucky not to be included in the list of guys kicked out by the Faculty during the 2nd semester of 2nd year.

And I hate it.

So I told myself that I like her, because and only because she is weisses fliesch. Nothing more.

Whenever I saw her in the Faculty, I felt instant dislike because it reminds me of my failings. So I tried staying away as possible.

I got 3.7 GPA for my 1st Semester in my 3rd year.

The End.


Note :

weisses fliesch means white flesh, and also a title of a song in Rammstein's first album, Herlezeid.

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