Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The surfin bird mentality


Firstly, I want to apologize for those who read this blog.
I sincerely do.

I realised that the blog is too clusterf***. Too many links, too many digression here and there without proper arrangement to make it readable.

The English grammar sucks. And the idea sometimes is blurry for some, they didn't get it.

And I think that this blog is bloody boring.

Your readers are self-absorbed little punks.

They don’t mean to be, but they are.

They’re busy and stressed and searching the web for ways to just escape. They don’t want to learn anything when they’re in escape mode. They just want to feel something other than boredom or fear or inadequacy.

So all that content you created to teach them something?

Yeah, they look at it for a few seconds, discover it requires actual thought (the horror!), and start hunting for the Back button.

That affiliate review for the supercool product you really do believe in and would happily sell without a commission?

Eww. You’re just another one of those evil con artists trying to scam them out of their money.
I know, it’s not fair. You deserve better.

But it’s the truth.

The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can get past it. Because hiding underneath all that self-absorbed punkishness is a person who desperately needs you and will love you until the day they die — if you can actually help them.

And you can help them. You just have to know how to grab their attention first. So let’s talk about that.

But in the same time, I felt fortunate and cool about it.

Number 1 : People are tiring

Sometime ago, I had a boss which I respected so much, because he was a quiet guy.

His level of quiet-ness, is that if you are to drop by at his desk and ask him question, he will just continue looking at the computer screen and ignore you.

I was amazed when I first saw this, normal people will just diss it, but then I saw the practicality of it.

After years of working with this great man, I realised, he was just focusing on his job and putting priority to complete his task first.

There's a book entitled 101 Ways To Clean Up Your Act by Dianna Booher. Application of my boss philosophy is found in Way 83 in the book, which I will type for you.

Way 83 : Ignore responses that can be directed elsewhere

Flattery will get you every time. 

"You're always so helpful, would you mind checking something for me? I know you attended the XYZ meeting last year and heard Ms Smith's briefing on the new inventory system. Would you review your notes to see if..."

While it's nice to be so 'helpful' and efficient, the flattery always costs you time and effort.

Now that's not to say that you want to be unnecessarily rude, uncooperative or unhelpful. It is to say you can present alternatives to people. Do they want the information from you - if you can only get it 'in a few weeks'? Or would you prefer to phone Ted, 'who has the same information at the fingertips'? When your helpfulness is presented in that framework, the other person will usually opt for the quicker alternative.

On other occasions, you simply don't have to respond at all. If the request requires time-consuming paperwork, simply stall until the requester seeks the information elsewhere.

You frequently make those decision about your own needs. For example, you have a question about a contribution to your individual retirement account. You phone your stockbroker's office, but she's not in. You leave a message. She doesn't return the call that day. The next morning, in a hurry for the answer, you decide to phone your accountant to ask the same question. Instant answer.

You're happy - and think nothing less of the 'unavailable' stockbroker.

Likewise, others may ask you to provide information because you're convenient. And if you weren't so cooperative or convenient, they'd go elsewhere for the same information. Speedy help for them, less paperwork for you.

I'm getting older, time is shorter, so I made a point in my life then, that I will actively choose who I want to be with, not because I have to.

I made it harder for people to comment the blog, because to me, comment is cheap, even though I comment on other people's blog, and that is because I'm a hypocrite.

I made sure the people in my Facebook page is less than 100. I do not include lots of people, and a Facebook friend request is not necessarily approved.

The idea is when it comes to people, choose actively.

Jim Rohn did say this.

You want to be happy, you need to be a good person. Choosing the right people you spend the most time with, is an efficient way achieving this.

You might not like this idea, but for me it's practical. I don't feel cruel somehow, because getting hurt due to people is more hateful.

Number 2 : Why so insecure?

A few days ago, I bought few books, one of it was  a green RM10 book entitled "Xanthes : Speech".

Anyhow, this is the paragraph that got my mind running.

Actually you can read it online here.*.html

My idea is, since talkative people who wish to be loved are hated. then why be so goddam insecure about wanting to be loved in the first place?

I remembered about myself getting married, it was a successful effort, and I attribute it to two things, Number 1 is my 'not-giving-a-damn' attitude about rejection, and Number 2, knowing when to shut up.

Persuading the women was less hard than persuading the father of the bride. And I remember shutting up most of the time when I didn't know what to say.
In this link, read about "Adopt an Abundance Mentality"

However, I didn't mean that this to be an excuse for you to be sloppy.
If you're sloppy and have this attitude, you are damned.

I paid heavy price for my sloppiness, so beware. Be the best you can be.

Number 3 : This blog is free.

In the beginning, you read this.

They’re busy and stressed and searching the web for ways to just escape. They don’t want to learn anything when they’re in escape mode. They just want to feel something other than boredom or fear or inadequacy.

But then for all the time and effort spent, what is the return for writing the blog?

Everybody have their own reason and logic for spending time and effort writing. Passion, desire, wanting to have lots of friends, etc.

For me, it is just a collection of ideas I had in my mind which I want to keep.
And writing in English is a good practice.

But the problem in giving free stuff is that, people put less value in free things. Think of the water-diamond paradox.

The worst shit that happen is that when people insist you write or draw according to their whims.
As if you owe them their attention. And their attention is required for you to pay your bills.

They forgot even prostitutes are paid.

I'm not a prostitute, so why should I bother?

Summary : I simply have that surfin bird mentality.

In my university days (2001-2005),  one of the Action-First Person Shooter games that I enjoyed was Battlefield 1 : Vietnam.

And the soundtrack was good old rockin of the 60's.

One of the soundtrack that is normally associated with the Vietnam was is this Surfin Bird from the band The Trashmen.

Especially when the song was beautifully inserted in the war movie Full Metal Jacket.

The comments in the Youtube describes the association of this song and the Vietnam war.

This song basically describes the war: chaotic, loud, and random with no real point.

Vietnam was one of the worst wars, but it had the best soundtrack.

This song was released in 1963 at earlier stage of the Vietnam war. It is actually a rendition of the song by a black-group The Rivingtons.

It was the first Gangnam-Style kinda song. No message, no thinking, just pure babbling driven by the surf rock drum beat. And it was a hit.

The surfin bird mentality is just doing something you like with no apparent reason and not giving a shit about others.

Especially when working life is stressful, the place is stressful, every goddam thing that exist around your sight is stressful, and you just wanting to be self-absorbing little punks like those hopeless American soldiers in Vietnam. wishing that you can get away once in a while.

This is here because it's goddam funny.