Thursday, 12 January 2017

wearing spectacles under a hot sun while drinking coconut water

Today is wife's off day. (She's working at Texas Chicken). Since I'm not working then, we had to make the best of our day by not looking at each other dumb-ly while watching Didi and Friends at 8am.

And so both of us went out. The idea is simple. We are to be at any place that is air-conditioned.

Morning, we had our date at McDonalds. Never thought cakoi drizzled in chocolate and drowned in hot soya drink is surprisingly, not good, but magnificently great.

She had iced milo and RM1 ice-cream. She played Hay Day on her phone while I read the news.

Then we both laid our asses at the cybercafe. The plan is to sit here until 3.00pm which we will have our lunch, prayed and went back home so that she can watch on TV how Razia Sultan crying at her dad the Sultan being dead and her step-brother doing some coup de etat.

Wife have a great talent, she is very good at Street Fighter / Tekken that somehow, the kids at the cybercafe stood up behind us watching her defeating Ogre and winning the game.

I went out few times to buy some coconut water and listening to Surf Rock.

And since I forgot to bring my pen-drive along, I will just save some links of good reading at this entry.
That's the whole idea behind this entry. 

About Bernard Baruch:…/……/bernard-baruchs-10-rules-of-inv…/…/teachings-from-an-inv…/…/why-was-bernard-baruch-known-……/fo…/1996/04/15/211503/index.htm…/

My unfulfilled wish is to buy/own a Bernard Baruch book entitled My Own Story. So far I haven't got hold of that.

Just a story.
Had a conversation at Facebook Messenger with one of my cousin. When I asked her where she's working now, she seemed disturbed to answer.

I told her, that a good relative or friends, should not even bother about your salary or your job. Just good to know that you're good is all we want to know. The rest of other info are just for the sake of warm conversation, so that we can feel warm with you.

That's the great insight of Bernard Baruch in his quote "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

"Often quoted response to Igor Cassini, a popular society columnist for the New York Journal American, when asked how he handled the seating arrangements for all those who attended his dinner parties, as quoted in Shake Well Before Using: A New Collection of Impressions and Anecdotes Mostly Humorous (1948) by Bennett Cerf, p. 249; the full response was "I never bother about that. Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter." 

Good reading pdf

Pedagogy Of the Oppressed - Paulo Freire

Actually the above link leads me to a massive collection of great reading.

This is the Shout Magazine. It is actually in BM. But the English version is here. That cousin of mine,  the one behind the Bernard Baruch story, was involved in the translation effort of the magazine.

Good links for reading 

This is reading for old time sake 

That's all.