Wednesday, 24 July 2013


the reason of writing this post is because of my article in Tumblr, of the recent issue.

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I kept asking my self, within inner self dialogues, why can't Malay Muslims be better?

They had Islam, they had Malay supremacy, they had UMNO, but still can't be better?

In the least, why can't they be better because of Islam?

Then I remembered Kurt Godel and his infamous Incompleteness Theorem.

I make it short. Bertrand Russell came across with Russell paradox, when Hilbert came out with his axioms. then there is a book made during this era (go wiki which era you lazy bastard) named Principia Mathematica.

In that book, it's all explained in "logic terms", it is up reading until few hundred pages, then you will understand EXACTLY why 1 + 1 = 2. Really.

Anyway, Bertand and Hilbert sought to put forth a complete axioms of Maths, so it'll be a foundation to a complete Maths and seek to solve many unsolved Maths problem.

Then in 1932, Kurt Godel stated in his Incompleteness theorem, that this is impossible. A system of axioms or reasoning, have to be consistent in the whole, but in seeking a consistency, it'll prove that the system will be incomplete.

In my own simple layman explaination,  to prove that the axiom/reasoning is consistent, you need to define the limit of its consistency,  but in proving that, you will prove that the whole reasoning has limits, thus incompleteness. <--- (my explaination might not be fully correct mathematically since I ain't an expert math guy, I only likes to read this stuff and understand it within the best limit of my understanding, thus the statement)

I felt very frustrated with what I read in the news, of  non-muslims were asked to eat at restroom, few Muslim girls asking why are they prohibited to join the beauty contest when Muslim girls wears bikinis in Olympic swimming event, and other ridiculous non-sense.

To those Muslim girls, let me tell you, the swimmers wear bikinis for swimming, you wear bikinis for showing your assets, that's the reason, why can't you think?

I had my own self-dialogue asking God this early morning, why why why. Isn't Islam suppose to be perfect? Or is it because religion are also like Maths, a foundation based on axioms/reasoning, that it could never be complete?

Why God why?

My inner dialogue with God then continues.

I realised then that I still believe in God. a monotheist God simply because two gods seeking at doing things at each own terms causes cancelling out each other efforts. So God must be one.

Anyway the prove of God mathematically is here.

And so I do not argue about the existence of God.

With atheists, I don't argue with them either. Because when you are relaxed, with air-cond in your room, coffee at your desk, you'll feel self-sufficient and it's easy for you to argue God does not exist.

For me, the matter's quite simple. I will ask the atheist to go on a boat trip deep into the wild oceans.

While the boat is being wrested up and down by waves, everyone, even animals, will surely hope for safety.

But it was helpless.

So the hope turns into a prayer. It's very automatic response in human, when in dire distress, men are easy to call and invoke God. because of that helplessness.

because men have the brain ability to understand the term "complete" and we realised, we men are "incomplete" and helpless.

And so in seeking completeness, we realised our limits, and we seek favour and help from a Form of "completeness", which in human culture, we called as God.

Right now, I ask for prayer to God and seek of His Wisdom to understand.

To me, so far, the faith that promotes a monotheistic God  is Islam, so I'll stick with it, because of my understanding. Not just faith, understanding.

Kurt Godel also said about Islam, "I like Islam: it is a consistent [or consequential] idea of religion and open-minded"

So, ok, Islam is a consistent faith. So it's not the problem of faith then.

I then think, is it because Malay Muslims people itself are inconsistent and incomplete?

It must be that this is the answer, because I could no longer find any logical explaination.

Malay Muslims should lay prostrate in humility to God,  because only after death, when they finally see God in its true form, then only their "nikmat" is completed.

Be humble, oh you servants.

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Be humble oh you servants