Saturday, 13 July 2013

Ramadan Offensive 1973

In Malaysia, sociologically, the Malay Muslims in Malaysia (3M) are at the end of the consumer line.

Thus explaining why the 3M's are mostly the ones badly hurt with any price increase in anything.

Let me explain this fact. Supposedly, by this moment, money is abolished in Malaysia, and everyone have to barter trade to get what they want.

The Chinese will outdo most because of dominance in business. 3M? Ok, the professionals in 3M will barter trade their "special services" like law or medical, but how about others?

Then you will realised most 3M and Indians have to work their asses off doing "something", and in return they get money, but this money will be "consumed" (only some will be saved by people who have sense).

So by looking at the big picture, most 3M will somehow felt that they are oppressed by others, since they could not escape being slaves for consumption, because they could not possibly make themselves progressively when inflation sets in.

Most 3M's feel this way, and if you are a 3M and you don't, then I suggest for you to try buying a house in Klang Valley.

And so, in this spirit of Ramadan, let me tell to the 3M's that all is not lost. Do not feel victimized.
Do not feel that the world is against you every time.