Thursday, 18 July 2013

What you give, you get back

Article : Malaysian in nature

I’m not so shocked by the recent scam using religion in Malaysia, as per photo above.

I commented to BEM / IEM about the misuse of the title Ir in the recent event and the revelation by them shocks me to the core.

 I’m truly shocked when I found out the guy in the picture is a  Professional Engineer in electrical with the title Ir.

I didn't believe it, until I went to Board of Engineers Malaysia website and searched his name.

(  and search in the professional engineer his name, fazli bin azmi).

I couldn't believe it. (and I think you too).

A professional? A professional Malay muslim? A professional Malay Muslim with Ir. in Electrical?

How come?

Then in this Ramadhan, I knew the answer.

Simple, what you did, you get back.