Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Shortest Way with the Dissenters

Madam Maznah Mohd Yusof, 38, was arrested, for a video she posted 3 years ago.

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Now, it's an open secret, or should I say, common perception of the public in Malaysia about the application/implementation of Sedition Act.

(Download the Sedition Act here

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 to those who complained of Madam Maznah and that dog video, please read this.

It is written in the same style as the Tory publications that attacked Dissenters, and was assumed by some people to be a genuine vindication of their view. The pamphlet raised embarrassing questions about the handling of the issue by the Tory ministry, and led to Defoe's arrest for seditious libel. His imprisonment, during which he fell into bankruptcy, was to have a lasting influence on his subsequent writings. In the years after his release, Defoe published several pamphlets that attempted to explain its purpose and his own views. - Wikipedia source

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Now, I'm not saying Madam Maznah is wrong, or whether her arrest was wrong.
You got the brain, you decide it yourself.

Just that, during my upbringing, there was a curriculum in schools focusing on Critical Thinking.

But then, in the same time, we can't really question things, or present things that differs from the gesichtspunkt (viewpoint) of Malaysian people, especially the Malays.

We got a cynical culture where our people get so sensitive over an issue, jumping here and there, without asking why. Why is she doing it? Why is Alvivi doing it?

Attention seekers? ok, but then our politicians also did the same approach, like Perkasa NGO, yet nothing happens to them?

We never gave a damn about why, yet we preached about Critical Thinking at schools.

Be careful where you stand.
be careful especially when we don't practice what we preach.

Today, somebody who is a commoner is arrested, yet the politicians didn't get "touched".

But what happens at the future?

Nevertheless, I believe in the monotheist God that is perfectly Brilliant, yet I know the God also acts in Justice.

Justice will be served.

I just worry of 2 things.
First, I worry that all this ironies will further lead to a dumbing down of the society, especially the kids who will be the foundation to our future.

The society who never bothers to think outside their weltanschuung (world view), and somemore our society are consumers not inventors, what will happen to this society in the current and future world of globalisation?

I have a friend, an Oil and gas Engineer, with salary more than 5k per month, and yet he truly believe that Karl Marx is a member of the Illuminati society and communism is one of the Illuminati's effort to deviate this world, enabling the Jews to conquer the world.

I kept quiet to him and felt a waste of time if I told him about Ukrainian jews who were sent to Gulags during the Stalin during the forced collectivization in the Soviet Russia during the 1930's, which also results in famine in Ukraine and other parts in Soviet Russia..

You see, if you asked the Muslim guys in Malaysia who believe in Iluminati's stuffs, usually they will lead you to dubious orthodoks Catholic's website who blames "others" instead of themselves for reasons of world value depreciation.

I blocked that friend from my Facebook, not of hate, but of pity of ignorance, I felt very much sad when I see them arguing of this and that.

I wonder if that Malay Muslim professional also could think like that, what will happen to our kids?

My second worry, is because I knew God acts in Justice. When his wrath finally comes down to a our society due to injustice, I don't know where I could stand.

We can learn, and usually in Quran mentions that, if you want to see how God acts to injustice, we can ponder to history and sees what happens, and from there you can deduce it.

Instead of talking about Islamic stories of civilisations been swept of God's wrath, i will share with you guys a story in Chinese culture instead, taken from Feng Menglong's Gems of Chinese Wisdom.

Muslims invoke God named Allah, but in Chinese culture in Feng Menglong's time, the Chinese invoke Tien or Heaven, yet nevertheless we are calling the same essence of God, only differs by names and cultures.

One day, the King of Qin asked his advisor named Shi Yang., about another country, Jin that he intends to attack and conquer.

King : Tell me, whom among the officials in state of Jin will be destroyed first?

Shi Yang : The Luan family.

King : How come?

Shi Yang : Luan Wuzi  treated the people so well that they even worshipped the tree outside his house. This shows much of his benevolence.

King : ?

Shi Yang : Because of his benevolence and kindness, this ensures the safety of Luan Wuzi's son, Luan Ya.

King : So?

Shi Yang : However, Luan Ya, getting an easy path to his rise in Jin, became a corrupt official, and I predict that his son, Luan Yin will be the unlucky one.

King : ....

Shi Yang : Luan Ya survived and had a meteoric rise because of his father's deeds. But Luan Ya became too corrupted, and so from then onwards, the Luan family sowed only hatred, and not gratitude among the people, and so I predict the consequences of the public hatred will be beared by Luan Yin.

King : I see, even the fate of a country lies in the hearts of its people. What's more of a family?

Henceforth, be careful where you stand.