Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Problem Solving Skills - reedited 25 July 2013


This is how they "solve" the recent issues of non-muslims eating at a restroom.

The solution was : show that the Muslims also eat at restroom, wearing songkok, kopiah and baju melayu.

Oh very clever!

The actual problem :
  • The school canteen was facing problem in accommodating 350 students who go for recess at same time. This was happening since January 2013
  • The students were siting around the canteen (perimeter) as the canteen is small and could not cater all of them. 

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NEW NOTE : 25 JULY 2013

Eventually I'm glad that the issue was settled.

There, that's how you settle it, say that the FUNDS will be injected and somemore you can say PERSONAL CONTRIBUTION.

What the hell the people want to launch mogok and "tangkap the guru besar"? For what?

Push for money la.


Reopening canteen + FUNDS is THE SOLUTION.

in life, find solutions to problems.