Monday, 27 April 2015

armies beyond limits

this is my personal belief and conviction.

You, readers, might think otherwise, but hell, I don't care.

We have our beliefs, experiences and knowledge that shapes us.

I believe, we are all alone, and one day, we will die and disappear.

And so, to me at least,

there's not much need to put so much effort to make people to be attracted to you. 
To like you.
To favour you.

I worked with Koreans, Japanese, nodded my head to the Engineers, but that didn't make my work easier.
Sometimes it made the work worse.

I had relationships with few "special-someone", made much effort to win their hearts.
I'm still single today.


Just do your best in your life.

But you do not need to bow your head to others.

For work, for love, for more rice in your plate, for more salary, for more happiness, etc.


Just bow your head to the One whose armies are beyond limits.


when you lose small mind

you free your life