Saturday, 4 April 2015


Above is blogpost from Mr. Aaron Tan, whom I followed now. 

I respect the way he handles his education loan. 


There's someone who made trolls in Social Media about GST, then proudly wrote about it in his blog.

I've deleted the links to his blog.



I just didn't want to read sarcasm. Or reading about how cool sarcasm is.

Blame it on "House" series about how cool Dr. House is, or how cool the sarcastic Jeremy Clarkson is.

Sarcasm, trolls, is nothing but entertainment.

You feel it's awesome, but then the worlds keep spinning and you realise there's not really positive changes taken from sarcasm.


There's a crazy guy in front of my project site at Damansara City.

A lot of attention was given to him by people who walks around.

Some pitied him, and gave him food and water.

Some hated him, because he shits at the pedestrian area. (he's homeless and sleeps around the pedestrian area)

But attention is what he gets.

But you know what.

Police/DBKL made weekly inspections at this area, I knew this as my motorcycle has been fined few times for parking "illegally" at the pedestrian area.

For sure, DBKL/Police knew about this guy. Fact is, he sleeps somewhere in front of the new Police Station.

But he's still there.

No change.

If you intend to be an attention-seeker/troller/sarcastic but famous social media guy in Malaysia, I believe you should just follow this homeless crazy guy.

There's no need to go online and make trolls/sarcasm.

Just be a homeless crazy guy, you'll get praises and hateful critics, plus you'll probably get free food and water.


This blog is not for entertainment purposes.

This blog is just for me to read whatever cool things I found in Net or IRL, and share it with you guys.

I do not intend for followers or pussyfooters.

I respect you guys as free people.

I truly believe sarcasm/troll are just shit. Positive change in Malaysia is only by action, stimulated by positive ideas by successful people like Mr. Aaron.


This week I'm listening to this.

00:00 Fickle Friends - For You [Killing Moon]
03:21 Kid Astray - Back To The Ordinary [Cosmos]
06:25 Saint Raymond - Wildheart [Asylum]
10:36 Jakil - Istanbul [Sticky Lips]
14:39 Young Kato - Sunshine [Young Kato]
17:37 Lisbon - Native [Lisbon]
20:28 Glacier Pacific - Give Up [Glacier Pacific]
23:45 Flyte - Light Me Up [Island]
27:33 Coasts - Lions [Tidal Recordings]

01. Innocence And Wrath 0:00
02. The Usurper 1:02
03. Jewl Throne 4:29
04. Dawn Of Meggido 8:35
05. Eternal Summer 14:22
06. Circle Of The Tyrants 18:53
07. (Beyond The) North Winds 23:31
08. Fainted Eyes 26:39
09. Tears In A Prophet's Dream 31:48
10. Necromantical Screams 34:21