Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tazkirah Toolbox Meeting - Reflecting God during Site Work

This is preachy stuff, so if you're not into religious stuff, then excuse me.

 Photo 1 - pipe deliver to site

 Photo 2 - Covering pipe with canvas and proper support for temporary storing

It is common site practice in Malaysia, whenever you have materials delivered to Site and you need to store it temporarily somewhere, you put proper support, and cover it with canvas.

Even pipes are covered that way, because you know it's valuable.

If you wonder, one of God's 99 names in Islam is Al-Ghafur.

Wikipedia : Al-Ghāfir (الغافر) is one of the titles of God in Islam, translated as "The Forgiver". It is derived from the root gh-f-r (غَفَرَ). The basic meaning of the root is "to cover, to shield, to protect".

And so, it is said by people who's well versed in Islamic teaching, that,

God not only forgives the sins, but God also covers the sins /bad things one does, from other people that they doesn't know about it.
So that, know that yourself are valuable.

Cover it. 

Note : Yeah I know it's weird posting this stuff after posting about Sepultura and stuff, but then,
oh well, whatever, nevermind.