Tuesday, 21 April 2015


To be honest, for these past few days and today's still, I was feeling pretty hateful.

At work = I despise some individuals whom I feel as "empty can rattles the most" type.

IRL = too personal to talk about it.

Then I read some biology theory of genetics, about Hamiltonian spite, and WD Hamilton's theory of Kin Selection.


With it's formulation George Price's daunting Price's equation,

which in turn proves mathematically George Fischer's Theorem of Natural Selection

"The rate of increase in fitness of any organism at any time is equal to its genetic variance in fitness at that time."

Anyhow, I explain in simplest terms.

1. It is seen in animals, infanticide (killing of one's offspring).

2. It is seen in animals and humans, that, we are more favourable towards individuals closest to us (having the nearest DNA variation with us) than with individual with DNA variation farther from us.

In simplest words, we are more favourable to our family members than people outside our family.

In view of biology (not religion), this is due to maintaining fitness or survivability of our genes.

Animals will kill their weak offspring so that they can provide resources to more better adept-to-environment offsprings....so that survivability of the genes is preserved.

A mother would likely to give up her life to save her young children, than other individuals who had nothing to do with the kids.

We favour more to our kin. We kill our kins if resources is rare and that resource is only given to the better adepted ones. (nepotism/cronyism)

Hate and favourism is just strategies for animals or as Fischer terms it as ESS (Evolutionary Stable Strategy)

If you look what is in Malaysia now, and read this biology genetics, then you will realise we are just behaving like animals.

Maybe I should thank you for all you have done
The troll rears its ugly head.
Read the warnings before you say you will take an oath that will not break.
All the years and devotion out of the window.
My eyes are open but are we looking at the same thing?
Let it ride, take the trip and watch it shatter
Splinters the thickest of hearts and heads
I don't sweat it anymore.
When I was counting seconds, you were counting breaths.
You said you can't remember, I swear I wont forget.
I've learned I just wont sweat it anymore.
When I was counting seconds you were counting friends.
When the hour of rats begins maybe its time to make amends.
We have known each other too long to be friends.
It seems to trivial in matters of life and death.
Cower, scream-stand up for what you've done.
Let it ride, take the trip watch it shatter.
Splinters the thickest of hearts and heads.
Scream, cower-hide from the shards of the hour of rats.