Thursday, 30 April 2015

Happy Labour Day

Actually, No. 4,”Return every phone call”. I don’t think it is applicable. Just my personal opinion. 

Return phone calls that are worth it. Silence if it can be done over email/paperwork.

People can say/promise whatever, heaven and hell, paradise and shit, in the end of the day, only official black-and-white documents matters in the corporate world.

I learned by hard way that people don’t get paid by promises.

Happy Labour Day to all.

Our lives run different ways
Through the rain I see you in the sun
Our star shines anyway
If you wish upon it we are one


Dog eat Dog

Every day

On our fellow man we prey

Dog eat Dog

To get by

Hope you like my genocide

I find it such a shame
Through the pain I see things as they are
We're served up on a plate
The pedestal is high enough to fall

And if in time
We can see the errors of our ways
Would anyone change it anyhow
Our time is up

I bet you'd only run if you saw what goes inside our own

I bet you'd lead the way if it were up to you decide, but it's not