Thursday, 16 April 2015

Fake Landlords

If you are a Malaysian like me, there is a sense of despair that you probably feel, but are helpless about it in the same time.

Newspapers are full of political shit.

Statements from Malaysian Ministers are seriously stupid and dumbfounding.

Prices rising up due to new GST tax.

Unemployment in Oil and Gas industry.

When you go back to religious things, you saw religious people making shit-loads of money preaching.

People selling fake medicine. People selling fake shit using religious verses.

I took my breakfast while sitting on the roadside with Indonesian and Bangladesh workers.
At a place at Damansara.

I see beautiful people, girls especially, getting busy getting from point A to point B.

Cars, honking.

Costumes, beautiful, big, proud but still short of space and short of time. Very busy.

Then I realised something.

Malaysians are getting more shit-ful day by day, because most of us, especially the Malays, wanting greatness so much that we are faking it.

We hired foreigners to build our buildings. We want the greatness of the tall skyscraping megastructure, but our kids just want to be landlords.

We are selling quick formulas to everything, fake medicine, fake degrees, etc.

Before this, Malaysians made products by their own guts. Then we went Ali-Baba about it.

Malaysia are going shit day by day because we are faking it. We are faking ourselves into glamourity.

We glamourise ourselves being landlords.

Landlords to the country where structures are built by foreigners.

We end up as people who sold their world in our glorious search of fakeness.

there are too many drafts
of unsent letters;
paragraphs that have just
never made the cut;
lines that i can’t bring myself
to share;
strung up words that will never leave
the confines of my
own mind -
- i think that’s part of why i
keep writing:
to make sure that the words
that do end up being written down and
put out to the world;
that they might pay tribute
to the ones
i never said
                       freelyversed, Word Debt   (via wordsnquotes)

A photograph by Liu Heung Shing of a Chinese couple on a bicycle taking cover beneath an underpass as tanks deploy overhead in eastern Beijing, on June 5, 1989.