Monday, 11 January 2016

Find peace within yourself

This is a personal post, 
but I'll share it with you, 
in case there's something here which can lead you to find peace within yourself.

This is about someone I knew some long time ago.

This was the person who introduced me to New Order.
 and a lot of musical stuff, during University days.

Then as years passed by, we went our separate ways.

Few years back, I was invited to make a Facebook account.

I met this fella online.

Then I knew, this fella had changed.

This fella no longer spoke to me.

From what I understood, this fella went religion-alised.

Well, we all are. In each of our different unique state suited to us.

But I found out, this fella viewed me as a representation of the hedonistic corrupt world of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as he trenched himself back to the original unfazed Islamic living at one of the northern states in Malaysia.

I send an invitation to my upcoming wedding, but there's no reply or answer.

I saw his Facebook, there's full of Islamic debates on theology, philosophy.

I remembered he kinda hated me for liking the Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin, since he was pro-Zamihan group.

I just like this Dr Maza who preached about doing night Tahajjud prayers, so that you will have some sort of spriritual sustenance while working on a high pressure construction job and screwed life.

I am no longer friends with this fella on Facebook, and somehow it shaped my philosophy on Facebook as below-

1. Just keep the intimate people around

And so I believe that the number of people on Facebook should be 150-200 because that's is our ability limit to feel intimate with.

And so, I don't think there's any good reasoning to have more people beyond that, those extra person wouldn't be so close and intimate with us.

2. There should be no opinion or argument, opinion/fact/argument should be on blogs not Facebook.

Facebook is for being intimate with those people.

You don't talk serious politics or opinions intimately, right?

3. Those who are intimate with you follows this simple fact:
"those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
and so sillyness or whatever, is tolerated because what matters to me is knowing your well-being.

There's recent debate in Malaysia about people breastfeeding in public.

Well, I don't care.

There's too much thing to think in my hectic life than to bother  and comment so much about what others want to do.

If this Amran fella, or Malaysian public want to care so much about women, it is better for them to read about Lyudmilla Pavlichenko.

At least she did something to her country.

What about them then?

What has Amran, the followers, or whoever in the bloody debate had did something better for the lives of us all, other than jokes?

Life's too short.

And this blog and Tumblr, whatever I wrote here, is FREE.

It is FREE.

You don't have to spend a single cent of your bloody hard-earned penny to read this.

And in return, I don't have to care about what your comments is.

Is it by having followers and popularity of social media, or becoming bloody popular itself, helps to pay my bills?

Then what's the hassle? Why bother?

Just do what you like, share what you like with those whom you are intimate.

Be simple.

If you are dead now, I don't think God will question your opinions.

God just question what you do with what you were given.

 Do your best in your life, your working life, family life, religion life, pray that personal Tahajjud prayer,

rather than commenting and thinking so much about the bloody world 

whom couldn't be changed by your words alone.

Find peace within yourself.

yeah again I re-post this track because I like it.

And I think this song made this week's Monday morning a little bit calm. 

And listening to this with today's evening rain is calming.

And I keep reminding myself today, despite all my best effort, there'll be "limitations" (Daayre) so just pray for the best.

Notes : 

1. I'm waiting for new Megadeth's album Dystopia coming out this month 2016.

2. Photos above are New Order 's album covers. Source : Wikipedia

3. Chill out mate. This internet social media is nothing. Be happy and feel the fun of doing things you like. 
 If you're too focused on thinking about comments and debates, you'll be like Axl Guns N Roses who spent too much time about discussion rather than having the album Chinese Democracy done. 
Be cool.

4. I appreciate good comments I received from Google Plus. Thanks for brightening up my day. Its those critique that is discouraging in nature that I'm not fond with. 

5. My English is not good. But one thing good about not speaking in your mother tongue is that it makes you think harder, & in every hard effort, small seeds of success is grown.