Monday, 18 January 2016


There are 3 special things on this week I want to remember.

5-minute date

In the movie Dilwale, due to their busy time schedule, the hero SRK asks heroine Kajol for a 5-minute date.

And so I did one. As a surprise. The only stupid thing about it, the date was in a KFC beside my fiancee's bakery shop.

But it was OK since KFC Malaysia sells mango juice, and my fiancee loves mango products terribly.
Hello Kitty as a present. Told her to hug it during sleep.
 A simple plastic rose. A white heart-shaped box, with cheap necklace inside it.

I put my handwatch there to keep time.

I sms-ed her to come to KFC, 10 minutes prior to her finishing her job.

I just plainly told her, to meet up just for 5 minutes, like the movie Dilwale.

I was lucky the KFC branch wasn't full of people.

Just ordered 2 nos. of mango juice (Twister product). Didn't ordered any food or chocolate cakes since she was on diet.

She was surprised indeed when I gave her the single rose.

And her favourite mango juice.

Talked about her job that day. And some other minor stuff.

She asked why I did this, as other women I knew, who likes to question motives.

The key to answering those question is :- keep a simple plain "I don't give a damn" pokerface, and just say "I miss you".

As soon as she finished her drink, I accompanied her to her car.

Then went back.

I could see she waited. So I just turn my head to her, look at her for few seconds, then just went.

Total time taken : 15 minutes.

Million thanks to God, for making the sky clear with no rain at that exact time.

If it was raining, the simple 5-minute-date-magic will disappear.

Lessons in Life

After that I went to a book-shop.

Because it was raining heavily after that.

I bought this books.

Even though I'm an Arsenal fan, without doubt Alex Ferguson of Man U is the best football manager.

Up to this moment, I've read up to about how he felt about Roy Keane.

There are million lessons there from both books.


This week, I'm enchanted by this track.

I did cried listening to this remembering about my father who had passed away.

However, I still hate rap.

But the guitar melodies is beautiful. The lyrics and the video music is beautiful and passionate.

Thank you God for these moments are simple yet meaningful.

Million prayers for my dad who had passed away. May God forgives me, and may I see him thereafter with Salam (peace).

I miss him.