Monday, 25 January 2016

In all things, discern profits from loss

Last Saturday, I had a discussion with my boss.

A few problems, but one prevalent item was about another sub-con in our Project.

Last June, the Korean Main Con, and I, together with sub-cons of other trade, discussed about "Roof Coordination", how to coordinate our equipment setting out with our pipework route.

We submitted our drawings, and I had to re-do the drawings myself, to suit the site conditions.

Apparently, a full coordinated drawing was made, and from there, equipment  plinths were constructed by the Main Con.

What happened this week was, one of the sub-con changed their pipe routing, and proceed their "new" pipework routing.

The pipework run exactly on top of my equipment's plinth. Not only that, their items were scattered all over the Roof floor, hence our team could not get our pump installed.

Last Thursday, I didn't went into full rage because previously I worked as an engineer in a HVAC contractor company. I knew the reason of them doing it. But deep inside, I feel wronged.

The Main-Con didn't take any action. Usually NCR (Non-compliance report) is issued, but here, they seem not to care.

"It's your own business. Not our problem. Go and discuss with that sub-con".

I informed my boss that Thursday of what happened and he instructed me to get it cleared.

Then, that evening, a Whatsapp Group was made by that sub-con, and discussions were made as if Main-Con had agreed the relocation.

I feel raged and wronged, but, since there were Clients, bosses, Consultants, and my own boss is in the Whatsapp Group, I had no choice but to tell them "we need time to look at it, send your Cad file so I can check".

The Saturday discussion with my boss, was mind-opening.

I told Boss, I had few pictures taken, and I will send a Memo to the Main Con saying about obstruction of our installation.

My boss plainly screwed me "You don't go around making enemies at site, ok?"

I was taken aback.

He lets me cool down, then explained to me about construction is basically a Business in nature.

And in Business, you don't simply screw off with other Business. You have to trade in, and you have to consider about the future. We might need other people's help.

In this problem, even though I was right, but business-wise, I have to let go my emotions and deal the issue strictly technical-wise.

 We have to trade in, and to make sure everybody wins at the end.

I changed this blog "layout" because of this entry above.

Welcome to changes.

(Gelabah betul tulis panjang2 masa post entry ni earlier stage)


You'll see it's my fault
Angels stabbing me inside
Nothing changes
Just rearranges
For me this time

Note :
Top Photo : Discharge EP "Why" (1980)
Background Photo : Fear Factory "Demanufacture" (1995)