Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Video : Father of the bride speech - Rowan Atkinson (before Mr. Bean period)
I personally felt, this is applicable to Malaysian's Muslim, if you change the wording Church into Mosque, the mentality is just the same damn thing.

Once, I liked a girl.

She somehow got the info that I worked in Dubai before, and so she was wittingly "positive" when we first met.

What I knew is what every man knew, if a girl shows intent to know you, then go for it.
Especially if she's an attractive free-hair Malay girl in her early twenties with a cute face.

What happen was, as we went to know each other further, she started "rejecting" slowly, bit by bit.

The reason was purely simple.

It's because she didn't see "potential" in me, even though I'm an engineer back then, I rode a Kriss less-than-100cc bike. The impression was I'm a lowly paid guy. That's it.

Some of my friends who just graduated from college had better luck, because they bought a car, even though some of them borrowed my money to make ends meet.

And so, by the end of the day, I was rejected.

One day, a week Hari Raya, my friends and I went to this lady's house. Just for Hari Raya open house invitation.

I remembered that her mother was the one going back and forth to the kitchen. She didn't even served the drinks. And from there, I knew, she's not the girl who likes cooking or got anything to do with kitchen stuff.

I remembered that her mother told us (because there were other engineers with big cars with us that day), her daughter is very good at "kemas rumah" or upkeeping the household clean.

All I thought of that day was, from all the talents and qualities of a girl, "upkeeping the household clean" is the only thing that her mother could think of?

Then for sometime, I remembered the fact that this girl of interest, is just an SPM holder, not even degree for god sake.

I felt stupid when I remembered that someone who had SPM can look down on me, just because I liked her. That's my personal feeling of the incident.

That is my impression of Malay girls.

 Since construction life is shit, I really valued the money's earned by it.

To get married at this present time, you gotta have RM20k cash-in-hand.
The rate for maskahwin for a degree holder girl is RM12k (I knew of this after asking people during 2011-2012, the rate might change).
The wedding ring costs RM 3-4k.
The ceremony, the cheapest if you hold it at villages, and only at the girl's side, will be 2-3k.

And what do you get after all that? A loving wife that babbles and screams at you?

As a men, you gotta buy a house, a car and have to upkeep the bills.

As your marriage gets older, you need to add the additional funds required to raise a kid.

 And what do you get after all that? A wife that babbles and screams at you? A cute kid which grows up to be noisy?

I'm not anti-marriage. I'm just doing my own bloody analysis about this.

Don't talk-cock about love, personal feeling or whatever, especially when money's involved.

If you think in monetary terms, you want an investment with a highest ROI with the lowest risk involved. That is what all people think instinctively, whether that girl, the family or the society.

Those who yelled at me telling religiously that marriage is holy by religion, and marriage is one of the Sunnah of the Prophets, let me tell you this.

The people nowadays didn't make it holy and as Sunnah as it should be. Especially if you have families, relatives, and in overall, a society which have the same thinking as the video above by Rowan Atkinson.

My neighbours all asked me why I didn't get married. My answer = no money. Purely simple. And they never asked for a second time.

To me, this view has its advantageous (look at the positive side of things always).

At least later on, if I'm interested at a lady, I must find out if she could cook better than me. :)