Wednesday, 21 August 2013

3 = 1+1+1

this is 3 things combined into one.

1. PTPTN-CCRIS issue

my idea is, don't make a fuss much about this issue, as I felt a certain perception of Non-Malays about study loan.

You see, Non-Malays knows exactly the price of tertiary education.

remember this?

other than this case, a schoolmate of mine, an Indian guy with great SPM result.

You see, realising it's a futile attempt to go to local university to study medicine, his family mortgage their house to the Bank to fund his studies in Medicine at India.

He's not a rich guy.

There are other non-malays who had much better results, but had to take bank loans and go to private institutions. Bank loans, ok?

Then the rich kids, their parents usually insist on their kids to take O' Level or A'Level studies, so that they could continue their studies at overseas universities.

Now, that's what Non-Malay feel and did anyway. Both the poor and the rich. They knew about the price of tertiary education. There's a price for it.

Now, you think, what do they felt when they see you harping on this  PTPTN-CCRIS issue? Even though there were many non-malay folks taking PTPTN, they knew it's a loan, and an alternative to a bank loan anyway.

Non-Malays, they deeply resented about the quotas, yet they kept their mouth shut because there's no benefit for them making noises about it. So when they see someone who makes noise about study-loan, imagine how their eyes look at you.


2. Boleh ke non Muslims bagi salam?

The most lekeh issue out of all issues. But then Muslims like to harp on it. especially my younger brother.

I write this, sebab aku tgh sentap dgn dia ni tadi, anyway, I called all readers to see my point here, not the story or my bro. forgive him.

So on last Ramadan, while I was coming back from my  freelance job, the tyre of my small 100cc bike punctured.

Pushed the motorcycle to the repair shop, and there I see an ex-classmate of my younger brother.

We had a great chat, and at the end of the day, we exchanged goodbyes.

"Send regards to your brother, man!", is what Jeff said.

(skrg masuk dialog melayu)

Dan aku pun masuk ke rumah untuk berbuka, dan ternampak adik aku.

Aku : Oh tadi aku nampak jeff kat kedai motor tadi. Dia kirim salam kat kau

SB : BILA MASA DIA MASUK ISLAM? (nada lantang kuat)

Aku : Ha?

SB : BILA MASA DIA MASUK ISLAM? (nada lantang kuat)

Mood aku nak makan hilang. Mood aku nak muka senyum hilang. Aku rasa nak bagi penampar je kat mangkuk ni.

Dan SB yg holier than thou itu pun bertolak ke Masjid. Aku duk diam2 makan kat rumah.

Pada pukul 10 malam lebih selepas habis terawih, SB dtg kepada aku.

SB : Bro, rokok ada?

Aku : Takde.

SB : Oh.

Aku : Selama ni, aku keja ngan orang jepun, orang putih, semua ok je. Diorang selalu send regards.

SB : Send regards?

Aku : Send regards la. selalu kalau email pun ending dengan "Thanks and Best Regards". "Thanks and Best Wishes". Jeff tu tadi dia cakap send regards to your brother, sebab kau tak pandai english, aku translate je la jadi "kirim salam". Dan memang itu pun maksud dia. Salam tu kan peace. Kirim salam tu maknanya orang tu wish kau supaya selamat.

SB : Oh ye ke.

Aku : Dah tu, kalau Cina kirim salam kat kau, yang kau terfikir nak jawab Waalaikum salam tu apa hal? Kan bodoh! Kalau org bukan Islam kirim salam, kau cakap Thank You, kalau kau tak suka, kau diam. tak pun kau angguk. Apa masalah yg sampai nak complicated sangat?

SB : Ala tapi kan..

Aku : Kalau Cina tu terang2 cakap the actual arabic word Assalamualaikum, tu pun kau ada reason juga. Tapi bukan ke lebih berhemah kalau kau cakap Thank You, atau diam kalau tak suka.

Jangan complicate benda mudah2. Siap nak bawak hadis Yahudi cakap Waalaikumsam pulak. Itu memang dia betul2 nak celaka kan kau. Ini memang mamat Cina tu dia nak best wish kt kau.

Tu sebab, senang sikit cakap Thanks and Best Wishes kt seluruh mukabumi yang mengamalkan bahasa English ni, sbb ramai org suka sentap2 ngan benda2 yg simple tapi saja nak bagi complicated.


 3. Aku akan tutup ruang komen.

Ada satu writer yg aku suka, he was a blogger (he deleted that), now he's novelist, spends much of his time in Tumblr and Twitter.

I liked his articles because basically it's the same line of thinking as mine.

nevertheless, what happened lately, gave me certain ideas on writing on this blog.

A. Implication of people in writing.

There, I did not practice what I preached by telling you folks about my bro. Hypocrite right?

And so, this novelist wrote a highly successful novel, about a love story.

Cuma problem dia, even though semua watak tu nama samaran, during blogging, during Twitters, during his venue, during real life, he mentioned the real names of people in that story and told everyone it's a true story.

And so what happens was, the real people got hurt in the issue

(Anyway aku ngan adik aku boleh settle case kami over food and cigarette, tapi mcm kes writing ni, dia involve other families, and other people outside from him).

B. Too much time with fans

And so, since he wrote a love novel based on a real life story and telling people it's a true story with this and this fella implicated, many girls liked him.

He got lots of followers.

I am one of the buyer of his books. But then, I felt that, as he got more famous, his writing deteriorates.

Recently he wrote a poem. Many fans "liked" the poem on social media, but I didn;t feel that poem is up to a standard I knew from his writing.

But the "likes" prevails.

You see, sometimes, in blog, social media, it's very hard to determine whether the writing is "liked" by it's goodness, or because of its' popularity.

It's because popularity is nothing but crowd psychology.

One of the closest friend of this novelist, told publicly on Twitter (because he was mad on certain personal issues), that this novelist should delete his Twitter, be incognito (in other words, it's anonymous) and try to publish a new writing under a different name because this guy felt, that the popularity consumes his writing to become worse.

Anyway, I'm not against this novelist, he can do whatever he wants, I just take any good idea from any incident in real life.

That's when I realised, why JD Salinger didn't like social life and became reclusive to the public.

It's because he loved writing, and he didn't want his writing to be affected by any demands of popularity.

For one, i'm an one of the person who likes to "yell"/menyalak at other people's blog. But it's about me having certain idea.

If I have an idea, I will throw it.

But if the blog post is about cooking speggheti, I don't know because I don't have any slightest knowledge about cooking Italian food, and so I don't comment.

And since my writing is still like shit, it's better for me to turn off the comment section, and instead, focus much about reading and reading and writing.

If I'm told the writing is good, then I don't know how to make it better.

If the writing is shit, people wouldn't comment at all.

Nevertheless, there are people who kept in touch with me in google plus, email and facebook, and it's better for me to get a personal view from this "friends".

I am one guy who deletes my own writing if I ain't satisfied with it. Or if you saw the shit writing isn't edited, that means I don't have enough time.

I will off the comment section on end of Thursday or early Friday because after this, I need to study for an interview.

Thanks and best wishes to all, and sorry. Salam.