Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Happy Merdeka Day 2013.

I wish to all Malaysians, Happy Merdeka Day on this 31'st August 2013

Independence Day is about the pride you have because of self-rule.

I knew it's difficult to feel that pride, if you felt "pressed" economically. And so, I understand why nowadays, there is not so much enthusiasm for people to show with pride the Malaysian Flag "Jalur Gemilang", when they got other pressing issues regarding how to feed themselves.

Economy is bad. That's it.

This song, I heard from this when I was 14 or something. The music is not so thrash-rock, it's more slowed down tempo, because in the 90's, Megadeth wanted to beat the Metallica's Black Album which sounds more commercial and rock-oriented.

However, what is good about this is the lyrics.

The lyrics is progressive to a 14 yr old me back then, when others was singing KRU - Awas, I was taken aback by this. The definition of a great nation.

I kept asking myself ever since, what;'s the definition of a great nation?

Until we knew, how to define Malaysia as a great nation, we will always have people not so enthusiastically to wave the Jalur Gemilang with pride. We can enforce law to people requiring a mandatory to wave the Jalur Gemilang flag, but we cannot stop people from thinking other wise.

Vision 2020 are just years ahead, but tell me, what is there to define Malaysia as a great nation?

Great means better than someone else.
We ain't proud being better than Zimbabwe, aren't we?

Born from the dark,
In the black cloak of night.
To envelop its prey below,
Deliver to the light.
To eliminate your enemy,
Hit them in their sleep,
And when all is won and lost,
The spoils of wars are yours to keep.

Great nations built from the bones of the dead
With mud and straw, blood and sweat,
You know your worth when your enemies
Praise your architecture of aggression

[Solo : Marty]

Ensuing power vacuum
A toppled leader dies
His body fuels the power fire
And the flames rise to the sky
One side of his face a kiss
The other genocide
Time to pay with your ass
A worldwide suicide

[Solo : Marty]