Sunday, 18 August 2013




Video : a beautiful song from Morbid Angel - Desolate Ways, instrumental track, plucking style.

Writing is fictional.

Dear God is the Most Perfect and Most Wise, knows best about things.

FD was a young upstart engineer who got lucky, sent to Dubai during his first job. What a lucky bastard.

Everybody's proud, family, friends and or of course FD himself.

And as usual, as many boys who changed into men, once the career starts on track, the men, will usually think about girls.

Men usually think about the opposite sex as frequent as he thinks about food. Just that when he felt confident about his life, he started to think seriously about girls. 

FD had a childhood crush on Elly, a girl living on the same neighbourhood. Their families knew each other well.

FD, is like other boys as well, had lots and lots of puppy love crushes. But whenever he went back to his village, his eyes will usually sneek upon to his neighbours, especially when Elly was hanging washed clothes outside her house.

And so, after a year or so working in Dubai, FD had a dream about Elly. 
He dreamt Elly was wearing a beautiful satin white wedding dress, inside a garden of roses. She look so beautiful and lovely, smiling at him.
FD woke up from his dream that morning, feeling something not easily expressed by words.
That weekend, FD bought a gold ring.

And so, he telephoned his mum, and told her his intention about Elly, how he liked Elly during his teens, and his intention to wed her.

His mum, sensing anticipation from his son, kept mum, and somehow FD never told his mom about the gold ring he bought. It's a surprise, and it will be a surprise.

Dear God is the Most Perfect and Most Wise, knows best about things.

And so a few months afterwards, FD changed job from a Malaysian company to a Dubai company. He felt best staying there in Dubai,  the money exchange rates is advantageous.

And so, he got transferred to a project at Dubai Marina.

Dubai is off during Fridays. and so, on Thursdays, everybody were rushing to complete their jobs so that they can enjoy the weekend without headaches.

That Thursday morning, FD completed an M&E inspection on installation with the consultants, so that the Civil guys could proceed laying the concretes on the floor slabs on the next upcoming working day.

On the afternoon, he basically finished his job, and he called her mom on 5 pm, while waiting for other guys.

As usual, after saying hi and other funny introduction one usually does to her mom, he talked about Elly.

Mom : Boy, actually...I have to tell you something.

FD : What is it, mom?

Mom : Actually...actually, this Sunday, our village will be celebrating a wedding.

FD : Really? Wow so good, oh mine, I wish I could go back now.

Mom : It's Elly's wedding.

And so Mom told FD about Elly's engagement few months back, and her subsequent wedding which to be held that Sunday.

Somehow, FD realised the Elly's engagement was quite on the same time when he dreamt about Elly and the time when he bought the gold ring.

And so, at that moment, a man came back being a boy instead, crying incessantly, like baby new born.

Like a baby, which cries and complains in his drumming tears, about how cruel life is.

Dear God is the Most Perfect and Most Wise, knows best about things.

And so while FD was feeling shattered, a shattered noise was heard, like an earthquake.

Everybody's was shocked.

Dubai: Seven people have been killed in a construction accident in Dubai Marina.20 people have been injured in the accident, which happened at 6.20pm on Thursday. It is believed the accident happened when scaffolding on a bridge under construction on the Al Suffouh Road collapsed....

.....Jamal Al Merri, deputy commandant of Dubai Police told Gulf News: "The pillar collapsed, killing seven people instantly and injuring 24, according to preliminary information.
"There are no workers under the rubble. All other workers have been accounted for."

FD could not believed his eyes. It was happening there just few hundred meters from him.

He felt shocked.

What he sees is something more tragic than a broken love. It's Death itself.

That night, everybody's on TV and talk about the incident that happened just few hundred meters from them.

Friend : FD, did you notice on the news, the media specifically mentioned that there are no workers found in the rubble?

FD : yeah la..why is it?

Friend : No worker found in rubble, and yet seven were killed instantly.

FD : Yeah, now I notice it. Why?

Friend : Most who were killed are those poor workers from India and Bangladesh. What a pity, their life was taken just like a snap, just like that.

FD : .....

Friend : You know what, FD, the media will never report the names of those killed. As usual as always. Construction accidents like this, they will never report the names. It'll implicate the big companies.

FD : Really?

Friend : In Malaysia it's like that also. You will hear media reports mentioning names of people got killed in traffic accidents. But you will never hear about names in the construction accident. The report is usually very brief. Like I said, big companies will be hurt, but the names are just workers or engineers on site. Only body count will be reported, and recorded. Numbers in a forgotten files.

FD : Numbers in a forgotten files?

Friend : Yup, in the end they are just numbers in a forgotten file.

That night, FD played the song Insignificance by Pearl Jam repeatedly while looking at the gold ring.

Bombs dropping down, please forgive my hometown, in our insignificance.

He imagined wildly while smoking Pall Mall cigarettes. 
He envisioned of Elly's romantic wedding in a heavenly garden of roses, clutching hands of his bridegroom happily and smiling at him, while at the other part of the Earth, some poor family are crying while clutching dead bodies of their loved ones.

Dear God is the Most Perfect and Most Wise, knows best about things.

Boys will be men, sometimes by means of love and confidence. But there are boys who become men by learning the meaning of insignificance.