Saturday, 17 August 2013

don't joke about egypt 2013 please

I don't have a Twitter, but I read other folks Twitter. Mainly to know what others think of, to get a public sentiment feeling.

So now everybody's talking of Egypt. Anyway this is something that I kept to myself, because I personally feel, the issue is much much more complicated. Any issue regarding Middle East is damn well complicated.

Hey, even the smart brains in those USA think tank foundations also could not get it right, how could you?

But when I read sarcasm and jokes by Malaysians, aiyoh you guys. People got killed there.

You have to first learn about Egypt and Israel, you got to look at the 6 day war in 1967, and the next offensive by Egypt during 1973.

In the stalemate, it results in Camp David Accords in 1978.

OK, I'll start from here.

"The agreement also resulted in the United States committing to several billion dollars worth of annual subsidies to the governments of both Israel and Egypt, subsidies which continue to this day, and are given as a mixture of grants and aid packages committed to purchasing U.S. materiel. From 1979 (the year of the peace agreement) to 1997, Egypt received military aid of US$1.3 billion annually, which also helped modernize the Egyptian military.[19] (This is beyond economic, humanitarian, and other aid, which has totaled more than US$25 billion.) Eastern-supplied until 1979, Egypt now received American weaponry such as the M1A1 Abrams Tank, AH-64 Apache gunship and the F-16 fighter jet. In comparison, Israel has received $3 billion annually since 1985 in grants and military aid packages."

Ok now. Due to region stabilization, USA provided money to both Egypt and Israel.

Now think.

In a government, there's a executive power (elected government), police, military, President, etc.

If I were USA, to which fella should I give this funds to?

My answer is the military.

My reasoning is simple, elected government might get changed and so different leaders might have different views and various way handling the funds.

Better give it to the military brass, because their post are determined by seniority, and also power-play within the folks. Nevertheless, you'll get the same way handling, the same views. Especially when you are funding it with weapons, which actually can be sold.

(Go read Robert Fisk and study about weapons market in Middle East).

In Egypt case, it was first handled by Anwar Sadat then next is Hosni Mobarak, both were ex-generals and hold a card in the power-play in military politics.

Next Arab Spring happens, and Hosni Mobarak was ousted.

Ask yourself, to whom now shall the funds from USA will be directed to?

Ikhwanul Muslimin, and Morsi were not military people, and so were not really respected by military brass, they were politicians.

That's why just after 1 year, Morsi were ousted militarily. MILITARILY.

The final sign to oust Morsi was when Morsi commanded to send a military force to help stabilise Syria.

Those Tamarrod, people power or whatsoever, are just small poker players in this game. This is a delicate game involving nations in Middle East, US, Russia and even European countries.

It's about money and military. If the people's power is advantageous to these players, then people's power will be allowed.

Didn't Tukar Tiub always mentioned Emma Goldman famous quote, that "If elections could change things, it will be outlawed"?

I'm saddened when somebody in Malaysia, inside their peaceful room, decided to crack jokes or sarcasm about Egypt, Ikhwan or whatsoever.

People got killed there, mate.


Previously I attached a photo of a Twitter page from a famous blogger, which mentioned sarcastically about global qunut nazilah to Egyptian. I’m a left-brain dominant guy, and so sense and sensibility kicks in and told me to delete it.

I just thought to myself, if I see a shit, why the hell should I raise this shit with my bare hands for everybody to see and take lesson? It just made my hand dirtier and smellier.

I should get a life. Stop reading Twitter you numbskull.