Friday, 16 August 2013


Previous post about Agent Orange was written while waiting for my brother to get ready, to go to Jumaat Prayer today (16 August 2013)

I live in Kajang which is under the Malaysian state of Selangor.

And so, what happens today, after the khatib finished the sermon and about to start the Jumaat prayer, he announced:-

"Due to instruction from Selangor Islamic Religion Department, we shall perform Qunut Nazilah on our Jumaat Prayer, due to recent military killings of Muslims at Egypt.

We shall also perform the Solat Jenazah Ghaib (prayer for the dead) to those martyrs killed at Egypt"

During the recitation of qunut nazilah, the imam (leading man during prayer) recited with full emotion that I think he almost cried. Nevertheless, those images of people getting killed at Egypt propped out on my mind during the recitation.

Then we perform the Solat Jenazah Ghaib (Prayer for the Dead). Almost half of the people participated previously in the Jumaat prayer joined, including myself.

Anyway, I've written my views regarding the current Egypt issue here.

Not that I'm pro-Morsi or whatever, just that Middle East issues are very much complicated, for Malaysians to just throw away our comments.

When I heard the views of Marina Mahathir, Najib Tun Razak (Malaysia Prime Minister), and other guys, I just keep my mouth shut and tell my self "Guys, I don't agree with you, it's too early"

My views is that it is something about military, as always, when we talked about Middle East issues.

You see, military have this element called military complex, and thus, funds are pumped by Government to ensure the defence of a nation. And so, who controls the military complex, have a card to play in the politics of a nation. Go read Sun Tzu Art of War.

Ok, there's Tamarrod, where people are not satisfied with the governance of Ikhwanul Muslimin elected President, Morsi.

But then, you should also know prior to that, Morsi intends to send a military force to help stabilise the recent act at Syria.

You know what happened? The military does not follow Morsi's order, instead, criticises him badly. Go read articles in The Independent newspaper by Robert Fisk. (link is there at my blog).

If you compare to Malaysia, it's the same like the Army who disobeys the Agong. (not the PM, the Agong, which is same status as President).

I've written before about Monarchy in Malaysia, and why it's there and why it's best to keep it that way instead of Republic.

You see, in Malaysia, we have this element called Check and Balance, where the Executive Power (Government elected thru elections) are checked by the Agong (Monarchy) and the Court of Law.

If we replaces Agong with a election-elected President, then in Malaysia, we'll have the scenario where the President will be from the same party as the Prime Minister who leads the Executive Power.

Military who is under the President/Agong, as in many country's practice, will be together implicated in the politics, if the President/Agong plays a part in the politics.

That's why in Malaysia, you realised that the Agong is "distant" from the plays of politics of those political parties in Malaysia. And so by this respect, the Agong also obtains respect from the Army which is confident that the Agong does not bias any political party.

What happens in Egypt, is the loss of check and balance, and so bullets, tanks and jet fighters rule the day..

 Sepultura - Dictatorshit (1995)
Coup d'etat
Military force
Hundreds dead

Why did they disappear ?
Why did they disappear ?

Tortura Nunca Mais!! (Torture never again)

Spirit still alive
We still hear the cry
From the one that survived !!

Why did they disappear ?
Why did they disappear ?