Friday, 23 August 2013


Recently I voiced out my opinion about Pemuda PAS in a comment section at Tukar Tiub.

I'm a fair person.
When it's wrong, I speak, but when it's good I promote it.

Rather than condemning Metallica, one group decides to collect charity funds to Egypt using Metallica's issue.

This is positive, and I promote it. Good move! That's the way to do it!


You see, in reading issues in Malaysia, you have to be wide open and analyse everything.

I take the issue of PTPTN-CCRIS.

If you guys fight and fight about PTPTN endlessly, the fight would not be to your advantageous. Why don't you find the view to make it advantageous?

I took 28k from PTPTN to study in UM.

But, there were reports mentioning there were guys who took 40k to 60k for study loan, merely because it's a private institution.

So rather than whacking PTPTN, why don't you guys raise the issue of WHY PRIVATE INSTITUTION CHARGED SO MUCH?

It's more sensible raising that issue, isn't it?

About housing issue with its cost too much and unbearable, there will be views defending this by mentioning about loan rates and so forth.

Actually it's a diversion.

You have to ask, why the hell the house is too damn expensive to be bought in the first place?

If you talk about bank loan rates, you will find interest for bank loan for housing is stipulated by Bank Negara (8%), and banks can offer less rates but not more. But all the issue talking about bank rates will be misleading.

You have to ask, why the hell the house is too damn expensive to be bought in the first place?
Bank Negara had no jurisdiction of determining house prices.

Who does? Why isn;t there any ceiling prices for houses?

Which government body controls house prices? Why isn't there any "pemantauan"? 

Some discussion put forth are very misleading and hence, no solution found. Everybody just accept it as it is.

Always find a view that is advantageous to you when you read newspapers and other Malaysian issues.