Friday, 30 August 2013

Tanda Putera

About the movie Tanda Putera, recently released in Malaysia.

There's a wisdom that UMNO learnt, and I guess they learned it from the publisher, Utusan, which publishes Malay entertainment magazine URTV and Mangga.

The Wisdom is, bad publicity is still a publicity.

URTV and Mangga is the highest selling entertainment magazine in Malaysia. If you ever read one, it always publishes gossips or bad/naughty stories about artists, even though it's a hearsay.

It's because bad publicity is still a publicity.

Sex sells to Malay audience too, no matter how subtle it is.

One of the scene that is popularised in the movie, describes a Chinese guy peeing on the Malaysian flag.

It made everyone asks, discuss, and think about it.

The victory for the producers is in making people asking, and noticing the existence of a wide gap between Chinese and Malay people in Malaysia.

Its nothing but Realpolitik.

Most images about the movie is about people running., or Malay and Chinese running away from each other, in fear.

What a good advertisement for unity of races in Malaysia under 1Malaysia programme.

Will the movie be implicated under Sedition Act?

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