Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What purely belongs to you


What is purely belongs to you is your thinking.


The authority may banned you from writing, and so sometimes, you couldn't write.

Read Nyanyi Sunyi Seorang Bisu by Pramoedya Ananda Toer, written biographically about his arrest in 1969 after he was labelled as a communist, and then he was sent to Pulau Buru for isolation as a political prisoner. He was released on 1979.

That's what I told you about labelling anyway.

Some people may banned you from speaking. Not only authority, but your employer, your family and even your closed ones.

But nobody could stop you from thinking.

Remember Galileo Galeili, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, or million others, those who were asked to "prostrate" by force to the needs of the authority.

They were oppressed, but their ideas remains to this day.

Ideas by man and only that will last
And over time we've learned from the past
That no man's fit to rule the world alone
A man will die but not his ideals

- Happy Nation - Ace Of Base 

Cromok - I don't belong here